By Rebecca Diaz

Finding the best e cigarette brand just got easier. In today’s 2014 landscape, there are many brands of electronic cigarettes coming to market and I’m here to walk you through the dirty details so you can find yourself the right brand and not waste any time or money on something that won’t suit your tastes.

My brand of choice is V2Cigs. Click the banner here to get the latest promotions.

Why Do I Love V2 Cigs?

First is their flavor, particularly their red flavor, which is their most popular flavor. For anyone looking for a nice tobacco flavor, like a Marlboro, try out the V2 Red!

They have tons of other flavors to choose as well, I recommend trying a couple out.

If you want the easiest way to test these guys out, go for the V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit. This kit exemplifies the basis of what I love about V2 with all their customization options and TOP NOTCH quality.

You can select the types of batteries (manual or automatic), as well as 5 different flavors, so you can test them out to the max.

These guys go all the way when it comes to product quality, with endless testing of everything, to ensure they meet and exceed the highest standards.

But if you’re just starting out, it’s their flavor, as well as great vapor production and throat hit (that feeling in the back of your throat), that makes these guys really stand out. As with tobacco cigarettes, it really comes down to flavor.

And Their Prices

Not only do they offer an exceptional product line, the prices are very competitive. Their cartridges are $10 for 5 which is hard to beat. On top of that, we have some nice V2 coupon codes to save you additional money on your purchase.

Buying Direct

One more thing that I love about a brand like V2 is that you are buying direct from the official website&#8230 no middle man.

You can buy from their official site

This video from the company shows some of their attention to such high quality standards

Since 2009 Green Smoke has been named a top electronic cigarette brand by everyone who has had the luxury of trying their products.

Recently there’s been a surge of new vapor cigarette smokers. Many people have asked me about what other brands I like that make products resembling cigarettes, and I have no problem recommending them to Green Smoke. It’s really a tight race at the top of the food chain for e cigs, and while my preference is V2, I know MANY people who swear by Green Smoke. I used to use them, and have had a lot of experience with them, I guess it’s personal preference.

Literally, MILLIONS of people have used Green Smoke since 2008, and that should say something. They have a massive market share and are one of two brands to be picked up by Big Tobacco companies. (The other is Blu Cigs.)

You heard me right Green Smoke is a part of Altria the same company who makes Phillip Morris products like Marlboro.

In a time when many start ups are forming e cigarette brands, who do you really want to go to for your vapor cigarette products? A “new guy,” or an established, credible, and long running brand that was so impressive it was picked up by Big Tobacco?

Here’s a link to the Green Smoke review.

Looking For The Best Advanced Vaporizers Money Can Buy?

Meet VaporZone

These guys saw a need in the market and over delivered. If you are looking for an incredible selection of eGo type batteries, tanks, and an amazing line of e cig liquids to go with it, you will love VaporZone.

Pictured here is the Pulse kit >

They have a number of APV kits like this to choose from, anywhere from the most basic, to advanced products that look like they come from outer space.

Read more about VaporZone here.


Use the quick guide to easily evaluate the top companies on the e cig market. I work with some technology wizards, and am a highly experienced blogger, so putting everything in an easy to follow format is priority #1.

While we perfect this website and get everything up to our liking, please visit the recently completed reviews

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Perhaps our most valuable page is our electronic cigarette coupon database.

Happy 2014, and drop a line should you have any questions or comments.

Other Top Brands

Another two or three names are added to the lineup of electronic cigarettes every year, though several have dropped away or all but disappeared since the idea first took off. The ones that hold on have to offer something special a great price point, fabulous looks, thick vapor, or tasty flavors. Some brands appear to have it all together, but usually there is at least one special feature setting each brand apart from every other.

The Cheapest Bull Smoke

The overriding consideration at Bull Smoke is price bringing the cheapest starter kit on the market to new ex smokers. Their $30 kit hasn’t changed much except that the Ranch Hand was accompanied by a City Slicker. Now there’s just the one kit and it is customizable enough so you don’t need a second choice.

Flavors from Bull Smoke could do with some additions. They had ten a year ago and continue to offer the same ten cartridges, all the usual types like tobacco, menthol, vanilla, and cherry. What if you wanted more and were willing to pay a bit extra for the privilege?

White Cloud

You might try a White Cloud disposable e cig known as a Fling or a Mini Fling. While the Bull Smoke Buckshot Disposable is $5 and comes in one flavor, Fling disposables are also inexpensive in either size and available in lots of flavors. White Cloud also sells several starter kits with one or two batteries respectively and decent prices, plus their fancy Squid Charger. It looks after multiple batteries simultaneously, making the Squid Charger a niche product no other firm appears to have replicated. White Cloud kits are almost as affordable as Bull Smoke.

Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke

Two out of three members of the International Vaping Group, Eversmoke and South Beach Smoke, market similar products. The biggest difference between them is that Eversmoke focuses on bringing customers more of everything so they can take advantage of the low cost bulk sales. Otherwise, both companies sell starter kits of varying sizes and configurations for all budgets. South Beach Smoke provides more flavors of pre filled cartridges though. While Eversmoke markets e liquid by the third member of their IGA trio (Vapor Zone) for use in newly added tanks, South Beach Smoke plants their own name on bottles of the same stuff.

The Volt by Smokeless Image

The Volt e cig is a decent product from Smokeless Image, good enough for advanced vapers to return to this mini cig as a fallback for public consumption. Smokeless Image has quietly stolen into one of the top places on many top ten lists during the last 12 months because of their vapor production. There are not a lot of starter kits on offer here, perhaps because Smokeless Image is aware that mini cig users start to lose interest after a few months, maybe a year before buying advanced equipment. That’s why they sell a version of the Innokin MVP, their own Volt MVP 2.0, with a variable voltage function. Smokeless Image sells its own e liquid and also carries NicQuid flavors.

Blu Cigs

Blu could do with adding more flavors to their recently updated site. Theirs was one of the first electronic cigarettes to receive mainstream air time on major TV stations, thanks to celebrity advocates.
The brand continues to shine literally via the social feature on its portable charging case. When someone else with a Blu Cigs charging case arrives in your vicinity, the blue flame on each case will glow. It’s a gimmick, and like all gimmicks, this one is a lot of fun.


Change one letter and you’re back to cigarettes, but that’s the point it doesn’t take much to lose your commitment to a healthier life. Stay focused with a good brand, one that grows with you. Cigavette aims to be that brand. They sell expensive express kits with two cartridges, a USB charger, and one battery costing $29.99. Skip it and go to one of their starter kits. While it’s not unusual to find an additional battery size, being able to purchase a larger cartomizer is wonderful. These come with the “Go” series of high powered batteries.

Volcano eCigs

Volcano had the vision in its earliest days to offer three levels of vaping cigalikes, eGo cigs, and mods. These are the Magma, Inferno, and LavaTube. Some companies are just catching up now, which goes to show what a good idea Volcano’s owners had. Volcano ecigs receive high ratings for performance. They sell countless juice flavors, but stock can run low as a result of their popularity.

Halo Cigs

Add another brand to a thickening selection of vaping devices Halo Cigs. While brands like South Beach Smoke, Eversmoke, and Bull Smoke make a device that looks like a cigarette, Halo dispenses with illusion. Their G6 starter kits only differ from each other by color, there being 9 to choose from. Instead of creating multiple kits, they sell one for a single price. That goes for their advanced Triton ecig with its extended battery life and tank. Not only are the electronics on a Triton high quality, but Halo Purity e liquids are so good distributors pick them up for sale on other websites.


Most of the brands above try to accommodate advanced vapers in some way. They sell high powered batteries, extra large cartomizers, or even carry mods. By the time you gain enough confidence to identify equipment according to amps or how pieces thread together, it is typical to steer away from overpriced brands and try companies like Madvapes. They sell several brands of ecigs, plus a Madvapes own starter kit, but there aren’t any cigalikes here.

All of their products cater to experienced vapers who expect 4 hours and more from each battery, don’t use pre filled cartridges, and might even want to repair their own systems. Madvapes sells DIY equipment so you can maintain your RDA or RBA. Replace a regular atomizer, wick, LED lights, and coils. Their catalogue shows pieces from Innokin, Vision, and SmokTech. E liquids come from Hangsen, Dekang, TopVapor, and Lion Head. Flavor extracts sold here go along with e liquid DIY equipment.

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