The Golden Gate cigarettes innate German spirit of precision, exactness, and meticulousness that results in truly superior cigarettes. Interestingly, the cigarette paper is made of flax fiber, which is rich in calcium carbonate and, when burned, whitens tooth enamel. Attention to detail sets Golden Gate apart from its competitors.

Golden Gate cigarettes have an introspective, pleasant tobacco flavor and delicate taste, and contain no impurities or third-party additives. This German tobacco brand is characterized by a characteristic light burnt flavor, noticeable from the very first puff. The tobacco’s filler is a combination of Oriental, Burley, and Virginia, a well-known American blend in the United States. The large lettering on the lid of the cigarette box is evidence of this!

The cigarettes are sold in a cardboard box large enough to be carried on a daily basis in an outside pocket or a woman’s purse. The design of the packaging is understated and frugal.

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What are Golden Gate cigarettes?

Golden Gate cigarettes feature the rich flavors of Virginia and Burley and the aroma of a true blend of American tobaccos. Golden Gate is manufactured by Imperial Tobacco Company. Golden Gate cigarettes are classic, standard-sized tobaccos ideal for everyday smoking. The trademark was initially positioned as a mid-priced tobacco product. The country of production is Germany. The quality of Golden Gate Tobacco is comparable to many premium brands, which has to do with its origin. Because much of the production process of Golden Gate Tobacco is centrally controlled in Germany, the finished product is only released after it has passed thorough quality control at each stage of production.