Monte Carlo cigarettes are a young cigarette brand, developed by R.J. Reynolds. According to the idea of holding JTI, which owns the brand, cigarettes are positioned as strong and inexpensive.

Today, production facilities are concentrated in Japan, but the brand is found in tobacco shops in the United States, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, the Principality of Monaco, Switzerland, Mexico, Slovenia, Colombia and Romania. Such a list of countries suggests that the brand managed to gain world popularity and boldly conquers the tops of sales, systematically winning the confidence of smokers in different parts of the world, regardless of their financial situation.

In JTI, they chose a classic American bag as a filling for inexpensive cigarettes. As a result, each cigarette of Monte Carlo includes the world’s most popular smoking tobacco, Burley, Oriental and Virginia. It is worth noting that the taste of Monte Carlo at an altitude: in the manufacturing process, well-dried, selected tobacco with excellent smoking properties is used.

In Monte Carlo cigarettes there is contained a lot of nicotine and tar, which makes them very strong, and their taste – rich and expressive. This blend suits, first of all, to experienced smokers who prefer one classic cigarette to two newfangled “slims”. With each puff, there is a tart flavor of tobacco, and on exhalation, a lot of fragrant smoke with a thick bluish shroud is formed.

For a long time the manufacturer of these cigarettes has transferred the rights to their production and sale to a well-known tobacco company, this made it possible to launch them on sale practically all over the world. But they got the greatest popularity and distribution in the USA and Asia, where they know these cigarettes not by hearsay and trust their quality. As for our country, they can be found here less and less often, they were replaced by more popular brands of tobacco products from our market, which, unfortunately, the price is much higher than their final quality. But it still does not deprive the possibility of buying Monte Carlo cigarettes. Fans of this brand will always be able to find their favorite cigarettes on the Internet. Their price increased, but the quality remained at the same high level. The quality of tobacco supplied to the place of production is carefully monitored by experts, so the quality of tobacco remains high.

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