Sobranie cigarettes were first produced in 1879. They were made to order and were very expensive. They became popular to buy cigarettes in Australia. Little by little, they first became popular in all areas of Australia. To this day, not all Sobranie cigarettes are sold because they were originally intended for a small group of people. But you can still find it in our online shop to buy cigarettes in Australia.
How are these cigarettes made?

Sobranie cigarettes are currently manufactured by the Gallaher Group, a renowned manufacturer of high quality tobacco products.

They differ both in a pleasant appearance and a good aroma. There are the highest quality materials used for their production. In the production of Sobranie cigarettes, aromatic tobacco varieties were initially used. The result was a rather pleasant blend that is distinguished by its unique taste to buy cigarettes in Australia.

Sobranie cigarettes to buy cigarettes in Australia.

Sobranie cigarettes are supposed to be believed mainly for women, which is characterized by their elegant appearance and taste. They can be well associated with chic and luxury, which can add a plus to the image of their owner.

Shimmering pink box contains twenty brightly colored cigarettes. Their filters are decorated with gold-plated paper and contain the manufacturer’s logo. Perhaps in their design they are not inferior to any other tobacco product, and the person who smokes them may attract the attention of others.

Sobranie cigarettes are cigarettes that are significantly longer, ordinary cigarettes. You have two perforation rings. In terms of taste and aroma, it is worth noting that these cigarettes are clearly not suitable for those who like heavy tobacco smoke. On the contrary, they are quite pleasant to smoke. The taste is very soft, rich, subtle and pleasant. Unflavoured cigarettes are made that are made almost entirely of high quality Virginia tobacco.

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