BondThe cigarette brand “Bond” was named in honor of the Bond Street Street (the street of elite boutiques and shops, which is located in London Mayfair area). The history is rooted in 1902, when one of the enterprises introduced a new boutique hotel at Bond Street in London with the name “Philip Morris”. The cigarettes of this brand are still high quality goods as “Philip Morris” is their quality standard.

Perhaps, if you compare the history of the development of the brand Bond Street with other brands of cigarettes, you will remark some differences.

Here were no intensive marketing campaigns. The promotion happened naturally. Maybe, it happened due to the fact that the Bond always focused on the audience with average incomes, trying to reach the mass consumption of its products.

So, the cigarettes Bond appeared in the beginning of XXth century and quickly gained popularity among the London public.

In 1919, the “Philipp Morris” company was remarked by some adventurous Americans, and the new corporation under this name was registered in Virginia. As a memory of the British origin, only the emblem of the royal crown remained, that today can be found on the reams of Philip Morris International.

The popularity of the brand was successfully promoted by average prices of these cigarettes.

Bond cigarettes are typical cigarettes for the middle class and their lifestyle. These are idea presents for all those who wish to purchase cigarettes at moderate prices.

This is a pretty rare event, when moderate-price cigarettes have properties, which meet the demands of the most tobacco consumers, who do not tend to buy cigarettes of poor value. The customers, who have once the Bond cigarettes, will never stop consuming them in future.

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