Many electronic cigarette manufacturers and retailers claim their E cigs to be free of tobacco, tar, ash, and carbon monoxide. However, as the Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews team points out on their article named Is your E Cigarette FREE of Tobacco? many of the vapor cigarette manufacturers that claim their E cigarette to be free of tobacco tar and other tobacco combustion byproducts, do not necessarily provide proof for their claims. Only a handful of E cigarette manufacturers have actually tested their products using independent laboratories and have analyzed the chemical composition and/or electronic components of their electric cigarettes. / lists some of these E cigarette manufacturers that have obtained certifications from third party laboratories and/or institutions.

Electronic Cigarette Manufacture process needs to be properly regulated.

As the Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews team outlines on their article named SAFE E Cigs vs UNSAFE E Cigs, this may not be the case with all brands of vapor cigarettes in the market. They point to a study by the FDA which reported certain inconsistencies in a sample of electronic cigarette cartridges tested. These irregularities are one reason why the FDA has not approved electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation device in the US market. The above article provides a simplified summary of this report from the FDA.

SAFETY FIRST CE and RoHS certifications

Most online electric cigarette reviews focus on features of electronic cigarettes like the quantity of vapor produced, battery life, the number of drags per cartridge, the number of flavors available etc. These are all valid points to be considered in any electronic cigarettes review. However, it is equally important to be assured of the safety of the electronic cigarette brand you are about to purchase and use for life says Jamie Greene, the creator of Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews.

SAFETY FIRST is our motto! You should always try to answer these questions before you choose a particular brand of vapor cigarettes. How trustworthy is the E cigarette manufacturer? Has their product been certified by a third party? Do they carry the CE or RoHS certifications confirming the safety of their product? Electronic cigarette reviews by / address these safety concerns that others tend to overlook and that s why it is a must read for anyone that is serious about the safety and potential health hazards of electronic cigarettes Greene adds.

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In addition to providing details on the science behind electronic cigarettes, they provide reviews and comparisons of electric cigarette brands with an emphasis on consumer safety.

Ad watchdog warns e-cigarette brands over ‘unclear’ ads

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The Advertising Standards Authority adjudications upheld a number of complaints against individual brands, which include Sky Cigs, 5 Colors, Ten Motives and E Lites, as it seeks to clarify the rules around advertising e cigarettes.

The ads came under fire from the ASA for not making it clear what the commercials were promoting. In each of the instances, the brands and Clearcast had misinterpreted the BCAP Code as prohibiting reference to the terms e cigarette.

A TV ad for 5 Colors e cigarettes stated, “Five Colors. What s your flavour?” and showed adults jumping in the air, while fruits including strawberries and apples exploded in the background. On screen text included a URL and telephone number.

Five viewers complained the ad was misleading because it encouraged viewers to visit the website and did not make clear the characteristics of the product. Three viewers complained that the ad was irresponsible because it encouraged people to smoke, and two complainants argued that the ad did not make it clear the product was unsuitable for under 18 year olds.

The ASA upheld two of the complaints. It ruled that the ad should have made it clear that an e cigarette was the product being advertised, that it did not contain nicotine and that it was not available to under 18s.

E cigarette brand Ten Motives ran a TV ad written from the perspective of a man telling viewers about the things that mattered to him most, including loved ones. Complaints included claims that the ad did not make it clear what the product being advertised was and that it contained nicotine.

The ASA ruled that the ad should not appear in its current form again and should instead make clear the nature of the product and that it contained nicotine.

The other brands that were reprimanded by the ASA were Zandera s E Lites, which used a character called ‘Dave’, who misses the scene of a baby dancing to ‘Gangnam Style’ because he was outside having a cigarette (see below).

Zandera was told by the ASA not to run the TV ad, and a radio ad in their current form and that the ads should make it clear whether or not E Lites contain nicotine or not.

Finally, a TV ad for Sky Cigs showed young adults taking part in day to day activities. The ASA ruled that that ad should be remade to clearly identify the type of product it was promoting and that it should make it clear that Sky Cigs contained nicotine.