You&#39 re over 18 / legal age to smoke and you&#39 re a cigarette smoker. If both of those do not apply, then do not think about buying e cigarettes as it&#39 s not for you.

E cigarettes aka electronic cigarettes aka ecigs or e cigs are an alternative nicotine supply system, or a replacement form of smoking they can be viewed as a tobacco harm reduction product or a consumer product like low alcohol beer, depending on your point of view. Most e cigarettes users are smokers who do not intend to quit, they are looking for a better way of doing it. Some people believe they have quit smoking when they use e cigarettes, others think it is just a safer alternative, but most simply don&#39 t care about any aspect of the terms used.

What to buy?

If you are over 18, and you are a tobacco smoker, and you&#39 ve made the decision to try electronic cigarettes what now? First you need to buy a starter kit. This has everything you need to get you going an ecigarette, refill liquid, and a battery charger.

There are hundreds of models but the simple advice is buy a KR808 Starter Kit (this is the best low hassle option, our Brand of it is V3vapors which contains all latest innovations and tech) or a 510 Starter Kit (more fiddly but with better upgrade options). There are the cheapest introduction to the concept, and will allow you to get started at minimum cost vs the best chance of finding a suitable model.

Each has its own particular advantages

  • The KR808 is the simplest possible arrangement, no DIY of any kind is ever required, if that is the user&#39 s preference. The KR8 is a 2 piece model and uses cartomizers, not only that the lastest innovations for the KR8 has sealed auto batteries to protect them from e liquid that might leak, with the rise in popularity of the KR8 a whole new range of upgrade is now availabe for the KR8 models .
  • The 510 is the benchmark for 3 piece models, almost all the parts are re usable in case of an upgrade. It is a better fit for people who like to tinker or who will upgrade regularly, as most parts can be used with subsequent models purchased the 510 range is the base for numerous add ons. It can use either an atomizer cartridge or a cartomizer.

Heavy smokers

If you are a heavy smoker there is a good argument for buying a large format model first, such as the eGo e cigarettes, with LR ( low resistance) atomizers or cartomizers. The eGo has a larger than normal battery, and the LR low resistance fittings help to create more usable &#39 power&#39 more vapor and stronger TH (throat hit). The drawback on these e cigarettes or advantages depending on how you see it for these units are that they do not look like a real cigarette, these units are larger and have a manual button to turn them on.

Economies can be made by buying the parts loose, if you don&#39 t need the presentation box that e cigarettes starter kits come in you&#39 ll need a battery, a stock atomizer and an LR atomizer, a 510 cartridge or two (or a stock cartomizer and an LR carto if that is your preference), and a charger as a minimum. Note that a standard 510 charger needs an adapter to be able to use it for an eGo. The voltage and thread are the same but the eGo battery is too thick to fit in the charger recess, so it needs an adapter.

Note that we do not recommending just buying a single battery as which the battery is charging you have nothing to vape with

All e cigarettes can be bought as a Starter Kit, which contains either one or two complete e cigarettes units, a charger/adapter, with cartomizers or atomizers and cartridges, or you may simply buy the parts individually. The cheapest way to get a 510 based upgrade is just to buy an eGo type battery, since the atomizer and cartridge (or the cartos) are standard 510 units.

The various components of e cigarettes

As we have seen, standard electronic cigarettes can be 2 piece or 3 piece formats. The 2 piece models have a battery (&#39 batt&#39 , batts&#39 ) and a cartomizer (&#39 carto&#39 ). The 3 piece models have a battery and an atomizer (&#39 atty&#39 , &#39 atties&#39 ) and a cartridge (&#39 cart&#39 , &#39 carts&#39 ).

Since E cigarettes have special Li ion (lithium ion) rechargeable batteries of 3.7 volts, a dedicated charger is needed. All parts are interchangeable between both your spares box, and other suppliers of the same model number so in fact what you have is a collection of parts and you can screw any one part on to any other within the same model range, to make up a &#39 complete unit&#39 .

All e cigarettes parts are disposable. This means that you do not have a &#39 unit&#39 that will last for ever, the individual parts have an expected service life that is a minimum of one month although they may well last longer. For example

  • Batteries last about 20 300 recharges on average, but can die earlier than this depending on how u use them and how heavy of a drain the atomizer/cartomizer are requiring, Low Resistance ( LR) and Dual Coils ( DC) usually require alot of drain from your battery and are not suggested on anything below a eGo size battery rated at around 900mah or higher.
  • Atomizers normally have last for around 30 days but can last much longer. You need spare atomizers as they can sometimes fail after only a few days.
  • Cartridges pretty much last for ever as they are just a plastic liquid holder. However, the filler material needs changing regularly.
  • The battery charging unit should last well, although it can&#39 t last for ever.
  • With a 2 piece model, the cartomizers are disposable when empty. However, they can be refilled with a little DIY. About 5 8 refills is the average number before they become unusable (although they can be washed out or even have new filler put in).
  • More info about how to refill can be found in other sections of the website

What is the minimum number of spares ?

One &#39 E cigarette unit&#39 comprises a battery, atomizer, and cartridge (or a battery and cartomizer). Add a charger and some refill liquid, and in theory that&#39 s all you need for testing purposes.

As an absolute minumum, for light use only, you will need

  • 2 piece systems 2 batteries, 5 cartomizers, a bottle of refill liquid, and a charger.
  • 3 piece systems 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 5 cartridges, a bottle of refill liquid and a charger

As any component of e cigarettes could fail at any time (even within a month), it&#39 s wise to have spares for all of them. Experienced users have many spares because they don&#39 t want to be in a situation where a vital part fails and they have no backup. They will have five or ten times the quantities given above.

But first, you need to try the whole thing out and decide if it&#39 s for you.

Auto or manual batteries for e cigarettes?

A battery can have a manual on/off switch for operation, or be automatic. The auto version has a pressure switch inside that operates when air is drawn through. Some older types had a mic cartridge inside (a microphone operated switch) that triggers at the noise of air passing through

New users tend to prefer the auto type as it&#39 s so similar to a tobacco cigarette, but experienced users tend to prefer the manual ones as they give more control. Get one of each if you like, as they are interchangeable just unscrew one and swap it for the other.

Most auto batteries are not sealed since they need air to pass through, which means they are vulnerable to damage from liquid leakage the manual ones are more durable since they have less electronics and are sealed.

The newest auto batteries ( V3vapors KR808 model) comes with Sealed auto batteries making them much more durable then the old style ones just like the manual batteries. This does not mean that you can dunk your batteries or e cigs in water, they are resistant to e liquid leakage, not water tight.

What e
liquid should I get for my e cigarettes ?

There is a huge range of refill liquids PG based, VG based, high to low nicotine strength (or even zero nicotine), and all the flavors it is possible to imagine.

The truth is nobody knows what you will like or dislike. Since there are probably over a thousand variations, it&#39 s very much like trying cigarettes, beer or brands of coffee. What one person loves, another dislikes intensely. So, all you can do is to try a &#39 benchmark&#39 e liquid and take it from there.

A benchmark or basic e liquid would be one that is mainly PG, of tobacco flavor, and of 18mg medium strength (1.8% nicotine) and as this specification of refill liquid is very commonly included in starter kits, you won&#39 t have to look any further. It&#39 s just something that everyone is familiar with and as good a starting point as any. What is indisputable is that after a month or less, you&#39 ll want to try something else and you might even throw bottle #1 away. Nevertheless it&#39 s a good starting point, although many would say new users should try a stronger e liquid at first.

Here is a guide to common nicotine strengths of e liquid in e cigarettes

Strength mg/ml Strength % Description 0mg 0 Zero nicotine, contains flavor only 6mg 0.8% Low 12mg 1.2% Medium low 18mg 1.8% Medium 24mg 2.4% Medium high 36mg 3.6% High over 36mg over 3.6% Suitable for expert use only

the names given to the above strengths vary from supplier to supplier
10 milligram per millilitre 1%

How much e liquid do I need?

The average user might consume about 2ml to 3ml of liquid per day, or 3 to 5 pre filled cartomizers.

One cartomizer of standard size (a KR8 or 510 carto) is about equivalent to 5 to 10 cigarettes, and a 510 cartridge is about 3 to 6 cigarettes.

User technique

An e cigarette is used in a completely different way to a cigarette. The only similarity is that it is placed in the mouth after that, everything is different.

You should try to develop a new and different way of using it that is not applicable to a standard cigarette. In fact, if you use an ecig as you would a tobacco cig, you won&#39 t get much benefit at all. It doesn&#39 t work to well, plain and simple.

Instead, do it like this for a e cigarette

  • The simplest way to describ this is to smoke it like a cigar but lightly and inhale the vapor a second or 2 after you finish Drawing
  • Draw (ie drag or pull) very, very lightly in comparison to a cigarette.
  • Pull the vapor into the mouth, not the lungs.
  • Draw for an extended length of time for at least 3 seconds. This because for a 1 second draw, the atomizer does not heat up fully, and also because there is not as much nicotine in the vapor as in cigarette smoke.
  • Hold the vapor in the mouth for 2 seconds, then inhale, then exhale very slowly through the nose.
  • If you have trouble doing a long pull with just the mouth, then draw using the mouth only for one pull, using the lungs for the next.
  • Use the ecigarette for twice as long as a tobacco cigarette lasts you.

Is there a risk of poisoning with e cigarettes?

Very little about the same as from cigarettes. It is extremely difficult to overdose on nicotine from tobacco cigarettes, the effects become less pleasant as more is consumed, and use ceases. There are remarkably few instances of tobacco / nicotine poisoning from smoking as it is so unpleasant (far less for example compared with alcohol).

The same applies to e cigarettes although it is slightly easier to take in too much, as there are less unpleasant effects. Symptoms of nicotine OD gradually increase until the user cannot continue (headache, nausea, racing pulse etc). As this is extremely unpleasant the user stops.

There is a group of people who display no symptoms whatsoever of nicotine poisoning, apparently due to a massive tolerance to it (not unsurprising as it is part of the everyday diet, being a constituent of many vegetables). Whether or not users display any symptoms of nicotine OD, there has never been any reported death or harm caused any inconvenience is temporary and the consumer normally reduces their nicotine strength subsequently.

PG or VG liquid for e cigarettes?

The benchmark liquid is PG based and is entirely suitable for most people. Most liquids have a percentage of VG as well, as it adds to the vapor volume. PG tends to deliver more TH, though VG gives a little more vapor. PG is slightly &#39 hotter&#39 , VG is slightly &#39 cooler&#39 and sweeter.

Some prefer an all VG liquid though, and some need to use it due to a sensitivity to PG. Those who are sensitive to PG might find it has a tendency to dry out the throat more than it should, or other minor side effects, but such people are a minority. Only trial and error can tell you which you prefer. Everyone finds that vaping tends to dry the throat more than smoking, perhaps due to the fact that an extended usage time is need in comparison. For that reason, many find a drink at hand is of use.

Stronger or weaker eliquid for e cigarettes ?

When starting out, user technique tends to be poor, so that a stronger liquid may be needed in order to compensate. This may apply more if the person is a heavy smoker. As time progresses, it might be possible to reduce the nicotine strength to what most vapers consider an average or medium strength 18mg.

Storage of e liquids

You should store your e liquid in a cool, dark place as it may be affected by light and warmth. The most common base component, PG, is actually a bactericide and virucide so it does not usually suffer from degradation, but other components such as VG and flavoring might. Nicotine is degraded by exposure to light and air.

All materials MUST be kept out of the reach of children and pets. Materials must be stored in such a way that other family members will not mistake them for cooking ingredients or medicines. Concentrated nicotine is a dangerous poison and must be treated as such.

Maintenance of E cigarettes

There are some basic maintenance issues. For example, atomizers often need cleaning, and cartridges may benefit from modification of the filler material to take account of the differing viscosities of the various liquids sometimes they either leak, or don&#39 t wick fast enough, due to filler being incompatible with liquid. More will be posted about this in another section


That&#39 s it for now. Get your starter kit and get vaping. Don&#39 t worry too much about all the rest of it, you&#39 ll learn more as you go along.

And welcome to the world of vaping!

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