In the 1990s of the last century, Amphora cigarettes were almost the best that could be obtained. For many smokers, the red pack of Full Aroma Amphora cigarettes was a cherished dream. Here are four of the most popular updated blends of Amphora cigarettes: Full Aroma, Mellow Blend, Original Blend and Rich Aroma. All of them differ in strength, saturation, aromas, complexity of taste. They are united by one thing – high-quality raw materials and a competent approach to making a bouquet.

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What are Amphora cigarettes?

Amphora cigarettes have more than 200 years of history. In 2015, the Amphora cigarettes brand was bought by the Danish company Mac Baren. Mac Baren specialists, we can say, revived this tobacco. They approached the choice of raw tobacco for the production of Amphora cigarettes with great care and created updated mixtures. Amphora cigarettes contain Virginia, Burley, Oriental, and Kentucky of different processing in different proportions, which form the taste of tobacco and reveal new shades. Another feature that is now inherent in Amphora cigarettes is a small amount of natural aromatic additives, which is very typical for Danish aromatics – soft and thin.