I felt it was worth clarifying that my electronic cigarette reviews are my own opinions on various e cigs I’ve tried. By all means, I’m not an expert. I’m just a guy with a big audience and a desire to live in a world free of lingering smoke, odor, and toxins. I’ve tried various electric cigarette brands in the past, and in 2014 I’ll probably try more. So far, I’ve been hooked on V2Cigs.

What I look for is quality, solid customer service, and being a hockey player, durability.

I’m going to outline what I feel are the five highest rated e cigs for sale today and from time to time be offering giveaways. I really have a good group of advertisers and since my site has so much traffic from within the hockey community, they’re eager to get others introduced to their products.

It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a hockey fan, these e cigarette reviews are for everyone. They’ve changed millions of lives, not just mine.

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Other reviews I’ve posted are listed below

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I’ve tried many disposable brands from gas stations and convenience stores, but they weren’t worth my time to put them online because they were so bad. The ones above I’d whole heartedly recommend. Like in tobacco, there exist many brands, so a lot comes down to personal preferences.

The 10 most expensive cigarettes in china

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Posted on July 3, 2013 by Peter

Known as a state of etiquette and ceremonies, China takes the etiquette as an important part of its traditional culture. Especially on holidays and festivals, offering gifts has become an important part of Chinese life. In Chinese eyes, presenting gifts has become one of the most important traditional cultures. People send gifts either for a promotion personal promotion and prosperity or for the ways of the people, or taking on a project. Here listed is 10 China’s most expensive brands of cigarettes, each one can be used as a gift.

1. Huang He Lou 1916 1916 RMB8500/carton

This cigarette brand is named after a famous ancient building in China s central Hubei province. This is a premium brand. Each pack is hand made by professional technician. Every 1 kg of this kind of Tabaco is selected from 200 kg tobacco.

2. Liqun RMB1900/carton

Liqun cigarette is a High end product produced in China by Hangzhou Cigarettes Factory.

3. Zhenlong RMB1900/carton

This brand is made by China Tobacco Guangxi Industrial Corporation. Zhenlong cigarettes are made from original ecological high quality leaf tobacco grown in the famous long life Bama Village in southwest China s Guangxi region.

4. Zuan Shi (or Diamond) RMB1800/carton

The brand was founded in 1893 by Philip Chang, an early entrepreneur who was known for his womanizing and alcoholic tendencies.

5. Dong Chong Xia Cao RMB1600/carton

Chinese caterpillar fungus is very expensive. The cigarette made of it is more expensive.

6. Zi Qi Dong Lai (or New Century) RMB1400/carton

It is said that this brand is very difficult to get. It is produced by Taiyuan Cigarette Factory. Zi Qi Dong Lai means a sign of luckiness.

7. Xiong Mao (or Panda) RMB1200/carton

This brand became famous for Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping likes it very much.

8. Huaxicun 1961 RMB1200/carton

It is produced in Huaxi Village, Jiangyin City, Jiangshu province. Huaxi Village is dubbed China s richest village.

9. Hao Rizi RMB1000/carton

The brand is made by Shezhen Tobacco Company.

10. Hongtashan RMB500/carton

Hongtashan is a very popular brand of cigarette in China. The brand, established in 1959, gets its name from the location of its main production facility, Hongtashan Hill in Yuxi. In the United States, the brand is sold as ‘Red Pagoda Mountain’.

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