The most blessed item on earth (other than beer and sex). People who smoke pay more taxes therefore we are patriotic. Cigarettes are usually found with a filter. People who don&#39 t smoke should invest in a filter, bitches. God knows, I would never smoke without one. In today&#39 s modern society, smokers are a rare breed of people who could give two shits about health, yellow skin, and stinky clothes because we realize that cough medicine is good, it&#39 ll help you get better. Soap will make your skin a normal color, and for God&#39 s sake, if your clothes stink, then wash them. And ater all, your gonna die someday, and who the hell wants to be old with wrinkly balls and a penis that no longer works? I will most likley never quit smoking because…
A) It is my civic duty to put into our government system.
2) I&#39 m not a big fan of old people, don&#39 t wanna become one.
C) It pisses people off something fierce.
Next) Beer does not reach it&#39 s maximum potential in taste without the wonderful taste of a Camel Light.
5) I want to die of something of my choosing, when I get lung caner, the doctors will put me on so much pain medication that I will not notice that the copious amounts of blood that I am coughing out have put my cigarette out.
F) Shit, the movie stars do it.

Times To Smoke
When stressed
After sex
While drinking
After waking up
Before going to sleep
While playing poker
While bored
While on smoke break
Before meals
After meals
When driving
When drowsy
When drunk
When confused
While deep in thought
When around others who smoke
When writing this definition
When scared
When nervous
When around people who DON&#39 T smoke
When doing laundry (i.e. stinky clothes)
Upon buying a new pack
When introducing yourself
When you are living life to it&#39 s fullest
When living fast and dying young
When drinking coffee
When coughing
While watching a movie
When angry
After class

These are just a few good reasons and times to smoke. If you do not like smoking, do not smoke. If you do not like cigarette smoke, get a filter. If you don&#39 t like smokers, don&#39 t date them. And for fuck&#39 s sake, DON&#39 T i repeat, DON&#39 T tell a smoker that smoking is bad, we already know and don&#39 t care.

Is it legal to purchase cigarettes over the internet? – world law direct forums

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Is it legal to purchase cigarettes over the Internet?

Is it legal to purchase cigarettes over the internet? Sponsored Links Apr 5th, 2009, 09 05 PM #2 sandra Moderator Country

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re Is it legal to purchase cigarettes over the Internet?

Q Is it legal to purchase cigarettes over the Internet?

A Some states have enacted laws that restrict the sale and shipment of cigarettes over the Internet to consumers in that state. For example, it is illegal for Internet vendors to ship cigarettes or cause cigarettes to be shipped to consumers in New York State. Moreover, a number of states have enacted age verification laws to ensure that minors do not purchase cigarettes illegally over the Internet. Depending on where you live, it may be illegal for a delivery service to simply leave a package of cigarettes in your mailbox when you’re not at home. In addition, under federal law, it is illegal for Internet vendors or consumers to cause PM USA branded cigarettes to be imported into the United States. Cigarettes that are imported illegally into the United States are subject to seizure and destruction, without compensation to the purchaser.

Philip Morris USA Frequently Asked Questions

Q Is it legal to buy cigarettes over the Internet?

A Cigarettes bought over the Internet, over the phone, or from mail order catalogs generally don&#146 t have Idaho tax stamps on the bottom of the packages and are considered unstamped. The penalty for having, buying, or using more than 10 packs of unstamped cigarettes is three times the cigarette tax due for each full or partial pack. The minimum penalty is $50.

When you buy cigarettes over the Internet, over the phone, or from mail order catalogs, you’re generally not charged Idaho sales tax. In that case, you owe Idaho use tax. Use tax is a tax on the purchase of goods that you put to use or store in Idaho. To pay the use tax, fill out Form 850 U.

Idaho State Tax Commission Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

US New York State and New York City Cigarette Tax Enforcement

The sale of cigarettes within New York State and New York City is regulated by federal, state, and local law and enforced by the New York City Department of Finance and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Finance is engaged in an active campaign against those who try to evade the cigarette tax. This includes an advertising campaign to educate the public, an ongoing effort to bill and collect from those who have purchased untaxed cigarettes, and legal action against those who engage in cigarette tax evasion and fraud. We are also placing sellers, advertisers, shippers, and purchasers on notice and informing them of their legal obligations and responsibilities concerning New York City and State laws.

Read more
Cigarette Tax Enforcement

UK Buying tobacco over the Internet

HM Revenue & Customs
I’m not a lawyer. The information I gave is based on certain research. Please review the information yourself to make an informed decision. Also, the information I posted may no longer be accurate.
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Re Is it legal to purchase cigarettes over the Internet?

Why not? I am constantly buying cigarettes online.
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Re Is it legal to purchase cigarettes over the Internet?

I know it is legal, I am always buying Marlboro Red cigarettes from tobacco shop online.
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Re Is it legal to purchase cigarettes over the Internet?

The answer is NO. If you are buying cigarettes and certain other tobacco items online both you and the seller are in violation with some law or tax

I hate taxes, especially “sin” the facts are the facts.

The ATF, IRS, TTB, FDA, State’s Attorney Generals and States Revenue Departments are ALL actively engaged in cracking down on even the smallest offenders. Why? Because the lost tax revenue is HUGE…10 years ago when the Federal tax on a pack of cigarettes was around 3 bucks the feds didn’t really put much enforcment effort into it, but the states were beginning to develop new ways to enforce their codes. But Federal tax is 10 bucks a carton and some states have taxes over 20 bucks per carton on top of the Fed that’s 30 bucks plus per carton.

What I’ve been seeing is for people who buy small amounts of tobacco online for personal folks get a nasty little letter in the mail someday saying they own blah blah for back taxes. I’ve seen those bills go as high as a couple thousand dollars. Since not paying the tax constitutes fraud there is no statute of limitation and the 3 year rule doesn’t apply.

Now, for those people that buy their own tobacco products plus order for Mom and Uncle Joe. Those people are engaged in a criminal conspiracy. When they catch you (and they will catch you) you’re going to jail because you’re bond will ensure they collect the back taxes you owe.
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Re Is it legal to purchase cigarettes over the Internet?

I have just received a tax bill for purchasing cigarettes online, 2 years ago, from a co. in Kentucky that the ATF raided for failing to pay taxes to Maryland. This co. has been put out of business by the ATF and the state of Maryland is now requiring us and others we know to pay the taxes. Is this legal? I thought there was a Supreme Ct. law passed that states “unless there is a nexus between the states, no sales taxes are due to that state”. Why do I have to pay that company’s taxes. I bought them online to avoid the cost not the taxes to the state. Doesnt the state have to identify the law, publicly for the consumer before charging them with the law?
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Re Is it legal to purchase cigarettes over the Internet?

The Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking Act of 2009, also known as PACT which regulates the sale of tobacco products online and by mail order, was intended to keep minors from purchasing cigarettes online and to ensure that these sales are taxed according to state and federal regulations. The law does not prohibit online sellers from using private companies to ship their products, however, the state excise tax must be paid and stamps or other proof of payment must be affixed to the outside of the package.
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