Hi, friends. To all who have looked at our reviews. If you haven’t started smoking yet, think it’s addictive. And if you are a foodie in this matter, then do not pass by Richmond cigarettes. It doesn’t matter in what format – regular or super slim, they are beautiful. The first thing that attracts attention is the tasteful packaging.

Nothing extra. Only cherry blossom. Next is the cigarette itself. It is brown and the filter is light. Very nice design. They look expensive and rich, premium, it is not a shame to smoke such in any company.

And as soon as you light Richmond cigarettes, you feel this divine aroma and taste … We really like that the filter is SWEET, as if coated with cherry syrup, it also gives the taste a charm and new sensations.

The aroma of smoke is sweet, tasty, almost no tobacco is felt.
Cherry Premium Richmond cigarettes. “Luxury embodied in cigarettes” is the motto of the British tobacco company that produces them. They collected natural tobacco of elite varieties from all over the world. The company’s employees regularly visit tobacco auctions on five world continents: from the Balkans and Hellas to the black continent, from the homeland of Yoga and the Middle Kingdom to the homeland of Pele and Argentina. Our products are made from the tobacco purchased on them.

The cover of the package is made of metallized material, thanks to which you can fully enjoy the unsurpassed and noble taste. And the original Platinum Filter technology prevents the penetration of harmful tars and gases.

Thanks to all this, you can fully enjoy the unique level of quality of Richmond cigarettes in all its manifestations.
Ricmond Cherry Richmond cigarettes – Cherry Flavored Pipe Tobacco
It seems that they are not very strong, judging by the information, but they seem to be stronger when smoked. They smoke easily, there is no perspiration, the aftertaste is pleasant. They are not dry, the taste is rich and full.