• 04.10.2013 Davidoff ID Special Discount Offer

    Dear Customers! We are happy to announce that starting with today we have special discount offers for the following products Davidoff ID Ivory $1900 Davidoff ID Blue $1900 Davidoff ID Orange $1900 Additionally we recommend you to check out two new products Kent HDi Blue $2130 Kent HDi Silver $2130 offered by famous European…

  • 01.03.2013 New Cigarettes in Our Catalog

    Dear Valuable Customers! Here is the list of newly added cigarettes products in our catalog Blood Cigarettes Blood Blue $1245 Blood Gold $1245 Blood Red $1245 Davidoff Cigarettes Davidoff ID Ivory $2300 Davidoff ID Blue $2300 Davidoff ID Orange $2300 Galaxy Cigarettes Galaxy Astatium $2150 Galaxy Argentium $2150 Galaxy Aurum $2150 Harpy Cigarettes Harpy 4 $1245 Harpy 6 $1245 Harpy 8 $1245 Rothmans Cigarettes Rothmans Blue $1600…

  • 24.12.2012 Special Christmas Cigarettes Sales

    Dear Valuable Customers! Our Company is sending the warmest congratulations to you and your families! New Year is always a “new page” in your life. Wishing You Health, Wisdom, New Achievements and Happiness! We appreciate your cooperation and would like to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season! Everyone likes sales and discounts! We are glad to remind you about our special CHRISTMAS Offer! Our company s staff is always eager to provide you with the excellent customer service and easiest shopping experience you’ll ever have. Our production has been selling well and obtained very…

  • 02.12.2012 More Teens Are Smoking

    Maine is one of the top states in terms of spending on buy cigarettes prevention and cessation programs, a new report finds, yet more kids are picking up the habit. Maine is spending $9.4 million in fiscal year 2012 on its anti cigarettes programs, according to a report released Tuesday by a coalition of public health groups. That s barely half the $18.5 million recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and $500,000 shy of what the state spent in the last fiscal year. Still, Maine ranks sixth in the country in anti cigarettes spending. For the last 10…

  • 01.12.2012 Report On State Anti smoking Campaigns

    A new report shows state programs designed to reduce cigarettes use have been cut by 12% in the past year. The report by the Coalition of Public Health Organizations, says 36% of the funding has been cut in the last four years. Peggy Huppert of the American Cancer Society says that s disappointing in the wake of Iowa s 65% funding cut. We knew what the situation was here in Iowa, now we see that we are part of a very troubling national trend, Huppert says. All states have faced budget troubles, but Huppert says Iowa s cut is linked more to politics. Huppert says, No other…

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