The Henri Winterman’s brand competes with strong brands such as Cohiba, Montecristo, Arnold Andre, and Habanos. However, Henri Wintermans is an equally strong and recognizable brand. The brand’s strength lies in its purity of flavor and broad product range. This is why the brand is most sought after.

Henri Wintermans is a Dutch company that has been producing cigars since 1934. The company’s name has become a symbol of true quality and the largest cigar exporter in the world. Today, Henri Wintermans is the number one cigar manufacturer in Europe.

The brand’s history began in 1934. A small factory founded by the Winterman brothers soon grew into a large enterprise. Today, the brand is sold worldwide. The production line of Henri Wintermans cigarettes has been fine-tuned over the decades. The brand’s signature double-aging process of tobaccos produces a unique flavor.

The raw materials for Henri Wintermans cigarettes are grown on vast plantations in Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Italy, Colombia, Cuba, the Philippines, and Ecuador. If you would like to taste the classic Henri Wintermans cigarettes, you can order them in our store.

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What are Henri Wintermans cigarettes?

All Henri Wintermans cigarettes are made using a unique double-aging technique. First, only the finest tobaccos are selected and aged for up to two years. The finished cigars are then aged on cedar wood shelves. The result is a cigar that is full-bodied but not harsh, with a surprisingly mild flavor. Henri Winterman cigarettes are Sophisticated, full-bodied and mildly flavored. The production of Henri Wintermans cigarettes uses a double aging technique for tobacco. This involves selecting tobacco leaves for two years of drying and fermentation, then drying the finished cigars on cedar wood racks. This produces a full-bodied yet mildly flavored product.