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In fact, menthol smoke acts as an anesthetic for the airways. It has sense to buy menthol cigarettes UK wide.

This gives the feeling of a certain “pleasant cold” and allows you to inhale more while smoking. Button cigarettes (or capsule cigarettes) are the tobacco industry’s response to the gradual increase decreasing number of smokers in recent years. They are now improved with menthol.

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Masking both the smell of cigarette smoke and the discomfort in the throat.

In addition to tobacco, the typical ingredients of menthol cigarettes are around 100 substances: sugar syrup, glycerine, levulinic acid, sorbitol, valeric acid, isobutyl salicylate, liquorice, vanillin and methyl salicylate.

The menthol cigarettes first appeared in the 1920s. In the first decades of its existence, you could successfully buy menthol cigarettes UK wide, as a means of increasing “throat comfort” and in advertising for smiling doctors who are sure to demonstrate the benefits of smoking.

In addition, they do not contain mint in tobacco, but in tobacco paper or in a filter.

By and large, button cigarettes with a menthol aroma are ordinary cigarettes with a special capsule (one or two) with an aromatic composition inside the filter.

If you press the filter at a certain point (on the “button”), the capsule will burst and change the taste of the smoke of the smoked cigarette. In fact, button cigarettes are similar to classic menthol, but the taste is “switched on” at the request of the smoker.

The list for online advertising of cigarettes, button cigarettes sold in UK is quite large – almost all of the major tobacco companies have included at least one type of cigarette, with a button, in their brand line.

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