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Cities, states and even employers are testing their own rules, too. For example UPS, a shipping company, is charging workers who use e cigarettes more for their health insurance. (Only non union workers, of course the Teamsters would surely stub out such an idea.) As of April 29th it is forbidden to vape in Chicago s restaurants and shops or even in New York City s parks. Rhode Island may slap e cigarettes with an 80% tax. On May 1st city health commissioners will meet in Washington, DC to discuss further rules.

One reason for this jumble is that information about e cigarettes what they contain, who uses them and under what circumstances is still cloudy. Last year the Lancet, a medical journal, reported that e cigarettes were as effective as nicotine patches in prompting smokers to quit. But the FDA cautions that the evidence is still slim. E cigarettes may feed smokers addiction when they cannot puff tobacco, rather than prompting them to abstain. Non smokers might start vaping . Different studies find that e cigarettes contain different amounts of nicotine and other toxins.

For now, makers of e cigarettes are puffing ahead. American sales of e cigarettes reached $724m in the year to April 12th, 72% above what they were in same period last year, according to Nielsen, a research firm. The day that the FDA proposed its rules, Altria, a tobacco company, said it would launch a new line of e cigarettes in June.

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Ban on e-liquids for e-cigarettes proposed in state senate newsday
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