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My cheap cigarettes deal went up in smoke

Protest against inclusion of electronic cigarettes in the european tobacco products directive

I recently returned to the UK and once I had smoked all my duty frees, I could not face paying 6 a packet.

I found a website which offered to send cartons of Marlboro Lights for around 2 a packet. I paid more than 40 for two cartons and waited. When the package eventually arrived, I then had to pay more than 100 to Revenue & Customs.

Have I been had? AW, Yorkshire

You used which is based in the Netherlands Antilles although its parent company is in the Seychelles. And you had to pay through a Polish system called dotpay.

But although there was a delay in your cigarettes arriving, you did get them (not before you had to buy many more at UK prices).

What this company does not do is guarantee you won’t be hit for duty and adding purchase and Customs costs exceeds the UK price. The site’s solution that you order another six cartons which it would send to you via another carrier (when it would also adjust prices to compensate for your disappointment) does not hold water.

Customs are on the lookout for all tobacco imports. The rules are clear. While you can go to the EU and buy tobacco at local prices and then bring it back without duty, the only duty free imports allowed through the post are occasional small gifts sent by private individuals. Here your cigarettes were sent from outside the EU, where the rules are even more stringent.

It is nonsense to suggest changing the carrier will alter anything Customs will still inspect incoming parcels and tobacco is easy to detect. You will be throwing good money after bad.

Your choice is now between giving up (the NHS has programmes to help) visiting the EU often, or paying full price for your habit.

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