Some of the most popular Backwoods flavor options include: Original – A classic and inimitable flavor created from a blend of different tobaccos. Honey Berry – a combination of sweet honey and berry accents. Sweet Aromatic – a pleasant combination of sweetness and aromatic notes.

Honey Bourbon – a combination of honey and aromatic bourbon. Dark Stout – cigars with a rich and deep flavor reminiscent of a dark beer stout. Black N’ Sweet – a combination of deep dark tobacco and sweetness. Wild Rum – a combination of spicy rum and natural tobacco. Backwoods flavors may vary by region and availability.

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What are Backwoods cigarettes?

Backwoods cigarettes are smokable tobacco cigarettes that have a special shape and have been manufactured in the United States since 1981 by Altadis USA. They have gained popularity due to their unmatched aroma and flavor, as well as their recognizable package design. Backwoods cigarettes are handmade and have a woody wrapper, which gives them a unique look and texture. These cigarettes are usually sold in packs containing 5, 8 or 24 pieces. Backwoods cigarettes offer a variety of flavor combinations to choose from. Backwoods cigarettes are usually purchased by cigar smokers. Backwoods were originally made specifically as cigars, which is why many cigar enthusiasts prefer this brand. They appreciate the inimitable and unique flavor of Backwoods, as well as the unique design with the leaf around the cigar.