• Lawmakers move to impose regulations on e cigs

    05/05/14 09 15 PM

    ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) Minnesota lawmakers moved Monday to regulate the sale and use of electronic cigarettes with measures particularly fashioned to stop children from gaining access. But it remained unclear if anti smoking groups would achieve their ultimate objective this year To classify…

  • Chris Christie resorts to e cigarette tax to plug $807 million deficit

    By Bloomberg News 05/05/14 08 30 AM

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, seeking cash in the face of a $1.06 billion shortfall, proposes leaning harder on smokers with a tax on electronic cigarettes.

  • Users bemoan e cigarette bans in NYC, Chicago

    04/29/14 08 30 AM

    NEW YORK (AP) Laws in New York and Chicago making electronic cigarettes subject to the same regulations as tobacco are taking effect, and their sellers and users are steadfast in their opposition. The New York ban along with the measure in Chicago, one that previously went into effect…

  • FDA eases into regulating e cigarettes

    04/24/14 03 45 PM

    WASHINGTON (AP) The federal government’s move to regulate e cigarettes is a leap into the unknown. Most everyone agrees a ban on selling them to kids would be a step forward. But health and public policy experts can’t say for certain whether the electronic devices are a good thing or a bad…

  • Cigarette maker Lorillard 1Q profit falls 17 pct

    04/24/14 02 00 PM

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) Tobacco company Lorillard Inc.’s first quarter profit fell more than 17 percent as its costs rose, it sold fewer cigarettes and its year ago results benefited lower expenses from a longstanding legal settlement. Most tobacco companies have been raising prices and cutting…

  • At a Glance Electronic cigarettes

    04/24/14 12 15 AM

    ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES The battery powered devices made of plastic or metal heat a liquid nicotine solution, creating vapor that users inhale. Some models are disposable, and some are designed to be refilled with cartridges or tanks containing what enthusiasts call “e juice.” Some e cigarettes…

  • Timeline of electronic cigarettes milestones

    04/24/14 12 15 AM

    Late 2006 Electronic cigarettes first marketed in U.S. via kiosks in shopping malls and online. Early 2009 E cigarette sellers sue the Food and Drug Administration after the agency told customs officials to refuse entry of shipments into U.S. June 2009 The Food and Drug Administration said…

  • E cig industry awaits looming federal regulation

    04/22/14 06 45 AM

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) Smokers are increasingly turning to battery powered electronic cigarettes to get their nicotine fix. They’re about to find out what federal regulators have to say about the popular devices. The Food and Drug Administration will propose rules for e cigarettes as early as…

  • Lawmakers say e cigarette makers target kids

    By Sean Lengell 04/14/14 03 49 PM

    A group of congressional Democrats released a report Monday accusing the electronic cigarette industry of pushing their products on children and teens. The report shows a significant increase in recent years in the marketing of e cigarettes to minors through social media, radio and televisions…

  • Congressional report presses for e cigarette rules

    04/14/14 10 30 AM

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) A new Congressional report says concerns about electronic cigarettes underscore the need to regulate the fast growing industry. The report released Monday highlights several issues including an array of flavors and marketing that could appeal to young people, the lack of…

5 facts about e-cigarettes and the fda: no, it’s not a ban – nbc news

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