Sticks for Iqos are gaining popularity, and instead of a means of replacing cigarettes and a way to quit smoking, they acquire the status of an independent and fashionable habit. Changes have occurred in the Phillip Morris product line after the appearance of new IQOS HEETS Green sticks.

Until recently, Phillip Morris with its two flavors was significantly lagging in the assortment from Marlboro. But in the fall of 2018, the situation changed and two new tastes came out, and in January 2019, another one that deserves special attention. The fact is that before it, the menthol-fruit variety available on the market, to put it mildly, did not quite correspond to the expectations and impressions of consumers from the smoking procedure. The situation, with its appearance, was changed by IQOS HEETS Green sticks. The packaging design is quite strict, designed in a pleasant white – green color scheme; embossed letters of the inscription add a certain gloss. Packs are solid, do not deform. The number of sticks of the same color scheme, standard – 20 pcs. The structure of sticks for IQOS was updated, between the paper and the tobacco mixture a thin layer of foil. It prevents glycerin from leaking and normalizes the heating of the cigarette.

IQOS HEETS Green sticks have a great natural taste, no chemical flavors. A pleasant sensation of spice and lime when smoking, and a sweet aftertaste with sourness, is somewhat softer than that of its competitors. The aroma captures green tea. It should be noted that softness, without obsessively pronounced harsh fruit aromas, is the highlight of IQOS HEETS Green sticks, and in terms of taste and strength it is suitable for those who decided to replace regular cigarettes with IQOS. On the whole, the taste range corresponds to the existing demand for a fresh menthol aftertaste and completely falls into the existing trend.

The taste and strength of IQOS HEETS Green sticks are two main parameters affecting consumer choice. A successful combination of menthol with a citrus tint, an average level of strength, which does not create discomfort in the throat, and optimal taste saturation, make IQOS HEETS Green sticks the most attractive in its series for beginners and experienced smokers.