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English health officials consider ban on e-cigarettes in public places – health news – health & families – the independent

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The suggestion, one of a number of options raised at a Public Health England meeting in February, proposed prohibiting e cigarette use in workplaces, educational and public places to ensure their use did not undermine smoking prevention and cessation by reinforcing and normalising smoking .

Public Health England said that it had not called for a ban, and was still considering options.

Health authorities in Wales are already planning a ban on e cigarettes in public places and Welsh health minister Mark Drakeford has expressed concerns that the products, which contain nicotine, could lead to a new generation becoming addicted to the chemical.

However, a recent study by the anti smoking charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) suggested that the vast majority of e cigarette users are current or ex smokers, and the charity has backed the products as quit smoking aids.

Professor Kevin Fenton, PHE s national director health and wellbeing said We have not called for a ban on e cigarette use in public spaces. PHE is working with our partners to consider the options for supporting safe use of e cigarettes to reduce harm and support smokers to quit, some of which were discussed by our Board in February.