Philip Morris has launched a smoke-free cigarette called IQOS. We distribute these Heets cigarettes Canada wide.

After a successful test phase, the Marlboro manufacturer is now introducing the “Heat not Burn” products nationwide in Canada. We distribute these Heets cigarettes Canada wide.

The system consists of the so-called IQOS device and the associated tobacco sticks Heets. While you can only get the device in exclusive IQOS boutiques, at around 1,000 selected tobacco retailers and petrol stations and in the manufacturer’s online shop, the tobacco sticks can be purchased in over 15,000 tobacco sales outlets. We distribute these Heets cigarettes Canada wide.

The tobacco sticks (heets) in the form of a small cigarette are placed in the IQOS heating device.

In contrast to e-cigarettes, real tobacco is used here.

The IQOS device heats the tobacco, generating steam and tobacco aroma. Thus, the smoker can enjoy tobacco. However, there is no smoke and no ashes, as when smoking cigarettes, since there is no combustion.

The IQOS system consists of several components: the Heets are used as nicotine donors. They look like very short cigarettes and will be manufactured in Bologna and soon maybe also in Canada. To use them, you need the electronic IQOS system, which until now has only been manufactured in Malaysia. In turn, IQOS consists of a mouthpiece and a charger.

The Heets are placed on this mouthpiece with a heating tongue. While a conventional cigarette simply burns at 800 degrees, the electronically controlled tongue heats the Heets to 350 to a maximum of 400 degrees. The specially processed tobacco should then secrete nicotine vapor. PMI thus serves its customers’ nicotine addiction – but without producing the tobacco combustion products that are considered to be particularly hazardous to health.

PMI is leading a research program to thoroughly analyze the vapor generated by IQOS in laboratory test procedures and to compare its composition and toxicity with cigarette smoke. As part of the development, strictly monitored clinical studies were conducted in adult smokers. The IQOS system will continue to be monitored even after the market launch.