Whether picked out by the paparazzi in the hand of your favourite celebrity, seen advertised on television, or debated in parliament, the electronic cigarette continues to grow in prominence. But how much do you know about the product with the increasingly familiar green glow? Here we give you all need to know about the UK s favourite smoking alternative, the E Lites electronic cigarette.


An electronic cigarette is a device which has been created to replicate the sensation, or hit, of smoking without containing the harmful toxins which are present in traditional smoking products through tar and tobacco. The modern electronic cigarette was invented by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik in 2003 after his father, a heavy smoker, had died of lung cancer. The product first began to be seen in Europe in 2005 and has continued to grow in terms of both popularity and usage in the years since.


Inside each E Lites electronic cigarette is a battery, an activation module, and a heating element wrapped in a nicotine gauze. The power from the battery feed into the activation module, this then regulates the amount of power which goes onto the heating element which is contained with the E tip. As this element heats the nicotine within the gauze is turned to a vapour within the part of the cigarette known as the atomizing chamber. This vapour is then inhaled from the chamber as you draw on the cigarette. This vapour delivers a measured amount of nicotine the same way a traditional cigarette would, but without the toxins found in tar and tobacco.


Whilst your fellow smokers will find themselves cast outside of bars, restaurants and even football stadiums to enjoy a cigarette due to the bans in place on smoking in public places, this is not something the electronic cigarette user has to worry about. As they are free from tar and tobacco electronic cigarettes are not currently governed by the UK anti smoking laws. These regulations had been introduced to limit the effects of passive smoking on non smokers, but as the electronic cigarette does not emit smoke, only a vapour, it is free to be smoked inside and in locations normally off limits to traditional smokers.

Not only do electronic cigarettes offer a tobacco free alternative to smoking they also enable a much more cost effective substitute as well. Given the technology involved in each individual cigarette you would be forgiven for expecting the electronic cigarette to me more expensive than traditional cigs, but as they are free from the taxes applied to tobacco products in the UK, they are in fact offer a much cheaper option. An E Lites electronic cigarette E tip which delivers the equivalent of approximately 40 cigarettes costs just f4.00 as oppose to the f15 and more you would be expected to pay for the traditional cigarettes. It is quite a remarkable saving, with our figures indicating that a current 25 a day smoker could save as much as f2,700 in a year by switching to E Lites.

The E Lites electronic cigarette range is rigorously tested and subjected to both Quality Control & CE Assessment to give you the assurance that the product you enjoy is of the highest possible standard.


There is a wide variety of choices available to smokers who wish to make the switch over to electronic cigarettes, with different sizes and shapes to suit all tastes. Which product you choose ultimately comes down to your own tastes and smoking preferences. E Lites electronic cigarettes are available in regular strength (the red packets), light nicotine strength (gold packets) and menthol (green packets). Starter kits are available for each of these forms, from the single rechargeable E30 instant use e cig, through to the E80 starter kit which includes a the equivalent of 80 cigarettes as well as a USB charger. Alternatively on offer are the Duo3 and E Pro 4 range starter kits which include the equivalent of 200 cigarettes and a wall charger as well as the USB charger available with the E40 and E80 kits.

If you fancy something a little classier, perhaps something to enjoy over a brandy or at a special occasion, then why not try the E Lites Habana E gar, the electronic cigarette alternative to the classic cigar. The E Gar can be purchased singularly, or in packs of five with each E gar delivering roughly the equivalent puffs of 40 cigarettes.

E Tip refills can be purchased in a range of packs containing from two to one hundred refills, each of which is the equivalent to approximately 40 traditional cigarettes. In addition, a range of other accessories are also available from spare batteries and new wall or usb chargers.


E Lites electronic cigarettes, and all associated refills and accessories, can be purchased directly from our website, with orders general shipped within 48 hours of order. Alternatively E Lites are currently stocked by over 10,000 stockists nationwide from independent retailers to well known chains including Roadchef, and Costcutter as well as supermarkets including Morrisons and Sainsbury s.

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