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Discount cheap cigarettes – 18$ marlboro carton

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All Premium Cigarettes $18.95 per carton!
Need help? Check out our How to Order Cigarettes page

Purchases via International Mail

Important The cigarettes on sale through Discount Online CIgarettes are for personal use only. Reselling the products may be a criminal offense.

Purchases via International Mail back to top
Can I buy cigarettes via International mail?
Buying cigarettes via International mail is legal, as long as it is carried out in accordance with International postal regulations and standards. The contents of the parcel must be stated for the destination country postal and customs authorities.

Q. Can cigarettes by International mail be sold without import stamps?
Cigarettes can be sold without import stamps and may carry the wording “duty free sales only”.

Q. What is a “bonded warehouse”?
This term is used to indicate goods which are not subjected to taxes in the source country.

Q. Do bonded warehouse products have more competitive prices?
Yes, thanks to the bonded warehouse no taxes are applied. Upon arrival at the destination country, products are taxed by customs only when their value exceeds a certain threshold (generally in the range from $25 to $50). Products purchased by international mail, provided their value is low are not subject to taxation. This means that our products can be sold at extremely competitive prices in full compliance with international law.

Q. What is new about bonded warehouse sales?
There is nothing new about selling products from a bonded warehouse. The Internet allows you to look for products at the best prices at online shops world wide.

Delivery back to top
Are all parcels sent from Europe?
Yes. Our warehouses are located in Switzerland.

Q. Do you deliver by couriers? (e.g. DHL, UPS, etc.)
No. We work only with regular post services to keep costs down. Sending a package via DHL, Fed Ex, etc. would add an additional $40 or more per package.

Q. Can I track my parcel by means of its number?
You cannot track your shipment after it has been shipped, however, you can check your order status and see if your order has been processed and your cigarettes have left our warehouse. Remember, your order will be processed and shipped out within 48 hours of your order.

Q. Are there countries to which you do not deliver?
Yes. We deliver to the United States only. If you are ordering from Europe or Asia, we recommend another discount Cigarette Distributor that will ship to foreign countries.

Q. Are the mailing times shown on the General Info Delivery page guaranteed?
No. Air Mail deliveries can be affected by mailing problems in the destination country. However, most packages will arrive within 10 14 days of shipment, but we request that you allow up to 28 days for delivery. See General Info Delivery.

Q. I bought six cartons of cigarettes 12 days ago and I have just received one carton. Is that normal?
Yes because we ship only one parcel at a time. Therefore, they will not reach the destination together. The time between the first and the last delivery depends on the quantity ordered. We can only ship 5 cartons per week to the U.S. so orders greater than that will be delivered over one or more weeks. However, if you plan properly, this is an advantage because you can re order when the cartons start arriving so that the next shipment is on its way before you run out.

Why can’t you send me a single parcel containing more cartons?
Because it would be subject to duty since the weight and value would not fall within international parameters.

Q. Is the package tough enough?
Yes. The package consists of a stiff cardboard or plastic “book size” container specifically designed for being sent by mail. The container is placed inside a plastic covered envelope. In this way, we can be certain that your cigarettes including “soft packs” will reach you in perfect condition.

Q. What information is written on the parcel?
Your address, order number, our address and a description of the contents, for the postal authorities.

Q. Is it common for the parcels to be stolen?
A. No, our parcels appear to contain a book from the outside.

back to top
Do I have to pay a fee to join Discount Online Cigarettes?
No, you do not, access to our site is free. You only need to pay for any purchases you make.

Q. Can I pay by postal order or by check?
No. You can only pay by credit card.

Q. Is it safe to send you my credit card details?
Yes. The site is certified and implements the SSL system. The system is activated on the credit card data form page.

Q. What is the Card Identification Number?
The Card Identification Number (CID) is the last 3 4 numbers printed on the signature strip on the back of your credit card. It is required for American Express, Visa and MasterCard. The CID is an added security feature to protect you against online fraud. These numbers are used by your credit card company to help prevent fraud. Because the CID number is not printed on your receipts, it helps ensure that someone is not using your credit card information fraudulently.

Products back to top
Do you sell other brands of cigarettes in addition to those advertised at your site?
No. We sell only the brands listed in our inventory (cigarette list).

Q. Will you be offering other brands in the future?
Yes. The number and type of available brands change as we add new brands.

Q. Are the cigarettes sold through Discount Online Cigarettes premium choice?
The cigarettes sold through Discount Online Cigarettes are of the highest quality available on the market, made in EEC, England, and Western Europe.

Prices back to top
Why are your cigarettes so cheap?
The cigarettes sold through Discount Online Cigarettes are cheap because they are sold from a bonded warehouse. This term is used to indicate goods which are not subjected to taxes in the country of origin.

Q. Why are the prices of the cigarettes sold through Discount Online Cigarettes considerably more competitive than your competitors?
Because we purchase bulk amounts of cigarettes from the manufacturers and make very little profit from each carton sold.

Q. Why are the cigarettes on sale through Discount Online Cigarettes cheaper than those sold in duty free shops in airports?
1) Our warehouse space costs less to lease than an airport store space, 2) we make less profit per carton sold, and 3) we only do business via the internet which keeps our costs down.

Customs back to top
How can the cigarettes on sale through Discount Online Cigarettes be tax free?
The cigarettes on sale through Discount Online Cigarettes can be tax free because they are sold from bonded warehouses.

Q. Are imported cigarettes always subject to duty taxes?
No. Duty tax is not charged for buying and importing up to 200 cigarettes at a time.

Q. Are imported cigarettes subject to duty taxes in the USA?
Not usually. Duty taxes are not applied in the USA for 200 cigarette parcels.

Q. Must I pay mailing expenses if i return the parcel to the sender?
Not if you refuse to
accept the parcel.

Q. Is buying cigarettes by International mail legal?
Yes, as long as it is carried out in accordance with postal regulations and standards. The contents of the parcel must be stated on the parcel for the postal and customs authorities.

Q. Is smoking duty free cigarettes against the law?
No. Duty free cigarettes can be smoked anywhere in the world. These cigarettes are sold in all international airports.

Q. Is reselling duty free cigarettes against the law?
Yes. This is against the law in all countries world wide. Our cigarettes are sold for personal use only and are not to be resold.

Q. Can I buy large amounts of cigarettes through Discount Online Cigarettes?
The number of cigarettes that can be purchased through Discount Online Cigarettes is left to the discretion of the users who must be aware of the laws in force in their country and the sanctions they may incur if their intention is to resell “duty free” cigarettes.

Q. What will happen if the customs authorities in my country realize that the Discount Online Cigarettes parcel does not contain “books”?
At first glance the Discount Online Cigarettes parcel may appear to contain books thanks to the “book format” of the carton. The “book format” is absolutely irrelevant for the customs authorities in the country of destination who solely account for the green customs declaration form stating contents, weight and value. Consequently, the customs authorities will be aware that the parcel contains 200 cigarettes. The packaging is to deter theft, not deceive customs or postal authorities.

Disclosure back to top
Does Discount Online Cigarettes keep the information on who bought cigarettes online on files?
Only the shipping information for the time required to manage the 100% money back guarantee service. No credit card information is kept.

Q. Can Discount Online Cigarettes disclose data on who bought cigarettes online to others?
Absolutely not.

Thank you for shopping. Please note there is a two carton minimum per order.

Warning Cigarette smoking is hazardous to your health. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase cigarettes.