monte carloMonte Carlo Red cigarettes are is a unique product that perfectly suits to different types of people; taste of cigarettes unites them. The tobacco blend used in Monte Carlo Red cigarettes is a perfectly balanced flavor that provided the brand with the entire army of consumers.

If you’re about to smoke, so why not the one of the best brands in the tobacco industry today?! Monte Carlo Red cigarettes represent a combination of an excellent taste, high quality and low cost, with this product you can enjoy superior sorts of tobacco.

In addition to the fact that this brand of cigarettes is very affordable and is the best alternative you can use in order to satisfy the need of nicotine in the body.

Monte Carlo Blue cigarettes bring people together from all social sectors, but demonstrate glamour and luxury at the same time. One may consider it a paradox but it is perfect possibility to offer something unordinary to those ones who wish to come closer to this brand.

The highest quality tobacco varieties with unique taste are used in the production process of this brand and reasonable price attracts smokers around the world. Also Monte Carlo Blue cigarettes have a medium strength of the original tobacco, but they are nevertheless very soft and do not taste bitter.

Monte Carlo cigarettes are designed in a classic style and have a peculiar outlook. They were created in honor of high culture, luxury yachts and beautiful life of Monaco.

This is the reason why there were selected special colors for the design of the packaging of tobacco product.  The selected colors are white and red; they are the colors of the flag and the coat of arms of Monaco. It is not a coincidence; it is a symbol of carefree life and great opportunities.

At various times, cigarette smoking was prestigious in all nations of the world. Nothing changed since then. Quite a large number of famous people have passion for tobacco products of the brand, including Ryan Adams – a famous rock singer was watched with Monte Carlo Blue cigarette during an interview.

Another well-known fan of this brand is the singer Frank Sinatra, Milla Yolovich, Angelina Jolie and Christina Ricci also belong to the number of fans. From this we can conclude that Monte Carlo Blue cigarettes are a part of the lives of people of different generations and convictions.

These representatives of Bohemian status always know what and when to smoke. Everything is clear like night and day – Monte Carlo cigarettes are the best choice!