Sovereign cigarettes are widespread among the UK audiences. What is the quality that distinguishes Sovereign cigarettes from other cigarettes? They are made according to the British traditions and norms of manufacturing of tobacco products. If you prefer pure tobacco flavor, the royal Sovereign cigarettes are the perfect choice for you. If you have any questions about our products or are not sure which tobacco is best suited to your needs, please contact our customer service. We will be glad to help and advise you. Choosing cigarettes online can quickly become confusing, especially if you have just started smoking. We are here to help you find the best product for you. And do our best for you.

You can easily order this type of product online from a reliable cigarette resource. As you know, over the past ten years the share of British users shopping online has grown to almost 100%. You have to order Sovereign cigarettes online and they will be cheaper than in regular stores. This is due to the fact that online stores do not have such high costs for renting premises and paying staff as regular stores. In addition, online stores can offer a wide selection of goods from different countries, which allow you to compare prices and choose the most profitable options. A wide range and the opportunity to buy something that is not available in offline stores – This is especially true for very selective smokers, because they are looking for only the best that is provided. And they are able to find this quality with us.

What are Sovereign cigarettes?

There are 3 types of tobacco of Sovereign cigarettes, which are used in their production: Virginia tobacco. These tobacco leaves ripen at the same time. It has a subtle aroma that is fruity and spicy. It has a high combustion temperature and is uncomfortable for smokers. Burley tobacco. Oriental tobacco. Well-known brands are displacing the well-known state brand of cigarettes, which are produced in the King format. It is a common shape with a length of 84 mm and a diameter of 7.62 mm. The name is derived from the English monarch, the same name was used for the national gold coin.