Serial Number 76514483 Filing Date 5/15/2003 Registration Number NOT AVAILABLE Registration Date NOT AVAILABLE Goods and Services Wholesale distribution of Cigarettes Mark Description NOT AVAILABLE Type Of Mark Service Mark Published For Opposition Date N/A Last Applicant/Owner Sanchez, Miguel A.
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Mark Drawing Code Drawing/Design Words Design Search See Similar Logos >> Tobacco leaf (Plants Leaves, branches with leaves or needles needles) see more design… Vases and urns not containing plants or flowers (Baggage, containers and bottles Small containers ) see more design… Shields or crests with letters, punctuation or inscriptions contained therein or superimposed thereon (Heraldry, flags, crowns, crosses, arrows and symbols Shields, crests) see more design… Banners (Heraldry, flags, crowns, crosses, arrows and symbols Flags, banners) see more design… Register Type Principal Disclaimer (NOT AVAILABLE) Correspondent MIGUEL A. SANCHEZ 10480 NW 37TH TER MIAMI FL 33178 4200 Classification Information

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