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Tobacco began its triumphal march around the year 1560 and is today the most widespread luxury food in the world. Tobacco is smoked in a pipe, wrapped in a wrapper as a cigar or cigarillo and – by far the most common – as a cigarette. But it is a long way to enjoy smoking: from sowing the tiny tobacco seeds to harvesting the leaves, drying and fermentation, mixing and processing to cutting and wrapping the tobacco with the special cigarette paper and finally to packaging and delivery.

The three types of tobacco at a glance: Virginia tobacco. The hot air-dried, large-leaved Virginia tobacco, as its name suggests, was first grown in the US state of Virginia. There it is still an important part of agricultural production today. Virginia tobacco is now also being planted in many other regions of the world where there is enough sunshine. Oriental tobacco. The Oriental tobacco, which dominated the cigarette taste at the beginning of the 20th century, is a small, sun-dried variety that thrives mainly in the Balkan countries, in Central Asia and, to a lesser extent, in the Far East and Africa on barren, stony soils. Burley tobacco. The origin of the name for air-dried Burley tobacco, a strong, dark brown tobacco, is unclear. Presumably a planter in Ohio who first cultivated it gave it its name.

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