However, this is not always the case. We sell and market high quality tobacco wholesale and retail at affordable prices, helping you buy cigarettes online. Tobacco has a long history. Tobacco appeared in the mid-16th century, but the use of tobacco began long before that. It was originally used for medicinal purposes as a painkiller. The homeland of tobacco is the United States. The ancient Indians believed that by inhaling spicy tobacco smoke, they could communicate with the gods and the afterlife. Before the advent of tobacco, there were only two ways to smoke it. It was either stuffed into a pipe or rolled into a cigar and smoked.

The first tobacco cigarettes were made in a cigar factory in Spain in 1636. They were made by crushing leftover tobacco and filling rolled paper with it. The name comes from the French (cigarette – little cigar). Cigarettes were less full-bodied than cigars, but managed to gain enthusiastic popularity around the world whereas you buy cigarettes online.

The original packaging of cigarettes was unpalatable but impractical. By the middle of the last century, hard packs of cheap cigarettes without a filter became available for the first time. Charcoal filters and mouthpieces came later, and cigarettes without a filter came to be called cigarettes.

Today, there are a huge number of companies on the market, producing a wide range of products, from cheap to prohibitively expensive. Every smoker can afford to enjoy the taste of cigarettes. Buy cigarettes from the best manufacturers and popular brands in our store. For your convenience you can buy cheap and expensive products wholesale and retail in Moscow with different flavors.

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