For all the ladies in the place with style and grace&#8230 Brett James

We’d like to introduce you to the only electronic cigarette for women!

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Sophisticated. Edgy. Classy. The Vapor Couture E Cigarette Review

Vapor Couture is a perfect match for this Martini drinking sexy woman!

Vapor Couture is an electronic cigarette brand with a difference. It is the only brand in the market that caters the specific needs of women who smoke. It does so by introducing elegantly designed batteries with jewel tips and feminine accessories to go with the electronic cigarette of choice. This is a promising brand simply because the V2 electronic cigarette brand s technology is being used to power the Vapor Couture. Today we are going to have a close look at what this unique brand offers in terms of style and performance.

Design and Appearance

Since Vapor Couture s main difference is its unique appearance, it is extremely important that it is covered in detail. The electronic cigarette comes with a very basic internal profile that makes it quite similar to many other e cigs out there however, the exterior of the cigarette will catch anyone s eye pretty easily. It comes in many different design combinations that give a unique feminine outlook.

Vapor Couture unboxed.

Vapor Couture’s Batteries are Slim, Elegant, and Sexy

Another thing about the design of the cigarette is that it is rather thinner than the rest of the competition in the market. This is probably because a lot of women prefer light weight electronic cigarettes as opposed to a traditional, more manly battery like say Bull Smoke.

The great thing about vapor couture is its battery. The battery is quite miniature in nature hence making it extremely light, thin and elegant. It isn t quite like the all powerful KR 808 D 1 battery that is a standard amongst many other electronic cigarettes, but it gets the job done pretty nicely. We will talk more about the battery in detail later.

As far as appearance is concerned, Vapor Couture gives the user the ability to pick and customize the outlook of the cigarette according to their taste and style. There are various colors available as well as pattern design that you can combine to create a unique looking cigarette that compliments you in every way possible. If that isn t enough, Vapor Couture also offers unique feminine accessories to go with the electronic cigarette, making it a perfect choice for women.

The Starter Kits Offered by Vapor Couture

As with any other electronic cigarette brand, Vapor Couture offers a line starter kits that can help you start immediately. Let s have detailed look at what is being offered by the brand

  • Essentials Kit ($79.95)
  • The very basic kit of Vapor Couture comes equipped with
  • 1x Wall Charger
  • 1x USB Charger
  • 2x Batteries
  • 2 x packs of 5 cartridges

Of course, you get a user manual.

Deluxe Kit ($99.95)

This kit is tailored for the ultimate customer. It comes with the most basic items plus two additional accessories.

  • 1x Wall Charger
  • 1x USB charger
  • 2x Batteries
  • 2x packs of cartridges
  • 1x cigarette carrying case
  • 1x Lanyard
  • User Manual

It is important to keep in mind that when buying a starter kit, the user can pick the design and choose the design of the electronic cigarette as well as the flavors that come with it.

Vapor and Taste

As mentioned earlier, the all powerful V2 electronic cigarette technology has been used to produce the Vapor Couture. This means that it is as good as the infamous V2 brand. As far as vapor and taste is concerned, the flavor is strong enough and the taste is pretty decent with the provided flavors.

Cartridge Flavors

Vapor Couture is a bit short on flavors as compared to other popular brands in the industry. But you have to give it to the brand for coming up with few of the most unique flavors available in the industry. Here are the four flavors offered at Vapor Couture

  • Rodeo Drive
  • Fresh Mint
  • Bombshell
  • Passion Fruit

For anyone starting out, we recommend trying the passion fruit flavor. Since it is already midsummer time, indulging yourself in this exotic flavor is a great way to enjoy a bright sunny day. We also recommend fresh mint because of its refreshing taste.

Battery & Battery Life Review

Since the slim Vapor couture battery is thin and light, we do not rate it as the best battery out there. The thing with thin and light batteries is that they hardly tend to last longer than four hours and their vapor production strength is also low. So if you are a woman who enjoys a hard kick in the throat, you may be slightly disappointed. But as far as casual smokers go, Vapor Couture gets the job done.

(This isn’t a knock on the brand Vapor Couture, it’s just a fact that the smaller the battery, the lesser the charge. So, as long as you are armed with ample charging devices, you are going to make out okay here. Just keep that in mind.)

Conclusion & Final Words&#8230 .

Vapor Couture is definitely a unique offering in the market. It is exclusively built for women, especially those who casually smoke and do not want to give up on style. This makes Vapor Couture a great gift to give away to a woman if you are a man who wants to earn some serious street cred with his lady. )

Vapor Couture strikes a perfect balance between style and performance. Just don t expect it to give you really hard kick because it was never really designed to do that job. But since most of the ladies who will be using this e cig brand will be classy, Madison Avenue, Martin drinking types, we have the feeling that won’t matter much.

Buy Vapor Couture. Use coupon codes “cals” or “cals15&#8243 &#8230 .the latter works with starter kits only for 15% OFF.

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