>not a huge fan of there strength. I feel the need to go outside and light another one up after smoking one. >I strongly dislike the taste. I was original a menthol smoker for this reason. Full flav. Tend to leave a film in my mouth that makes the taste linger. I tend to spit a lot. I have been smoking them reg. For over 2 years but I often gag and dry heave after smoking one. Seems to be this brand the reds don’t do it. >price is fair for where I live (high price) I spend about $4.25 a pack. Which is disappointing but ciggerates have never been cheap here. When I was living in Missouri I would pay 3.15 for a pack of reds. I buy mine from a smoke shack but I’ve seen them at store and gas stations for nearly 5.25 and reds pushing $6 >overall not a bad ciggerate but I jus at don’t like the film and lingering taste

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