The electronic cigarette does the impossible provides the smoker the nicotine and even the flavor of a regular cigarette, without the harmful smoke and carcinogens. Thus, the smoker can use the e cig where smoking is banned because they pose no health risks to those around.

But, does the smokeless cigarette satisfy the smoker s craving? The following pages review some of the best e cigs on the market today to answer that question.

Electronic Cigarette or Regular Cigarette?

The electronic cigarette has become more popular since it has been illegal to smoke regular cigarettes in many places, including restaurants, bars and workplaces. There are a variety of brands available on the market that are cleaner and safer to use than regular cigarettes.


An electronic cigarette and regular cigs do look similar from a distance and unless it was actually pointed out to you can sometimes be hard to tell apart. The e cigarette has been intentionally designed to look and feel like a normal cigarette. It is this feature among many that draws people in to give them a try as an alternative.


Now this is where the two are completely different! If you have ever walked into a room where someone has been smoking regular cigarettes you can probably tell immediately by the unpleasant smell, even being a smoker myself i still find indoor smoking areas pretty disgusting. Likewise, if you are standing or sitting near someone who smokes you will be able to smell the cigarette smoke on their clothes, hair and breath. The smell is created by the tobacco being burned and the smoke and chemicals that are emitted into the air around you. There is nothing worst than stale cig smoke!

This is where it gets interesting, the e liquid used in the electronic cigarette is vaporized and does not release tobacco or chemicals. Although the product is intended to emit a similar quantity of smoke as a regular cigarette, it does not create an unpleasant smell that clings to your clothes and furnishings. The “smoke” or vapour as its known is in fact completely odourless and does not effect the health of those around you.


Cleanliness is another major difference. You may have had seen someone smoke who never takes the cigarette out of their mouth. The ash gets longer, until it just drops off on its own. You may also have had the experience where someone leaves a lighted cigarette smoldering on the rim of the ash tray, as it continues to burn down it is likely to fall off.

An electronic cigarette does not produce ash and although the end of the body part glows to simulate a lit cigarette, it is not a source of heat that is likely to burn or melt anything. Many brands incorporate a button for switching the electronic cigarette on and off. The new generation of e cigs are however incorporating a microchip in the filter which activates the cigarette when you inhale and de activates it when you stop. The other good thing, no stained fingers or teeth, need i say more!

Flavor, Strength and Length

Regular cigarettes generally come in just the two flavors, tobacco and menthol. They are somewhat restricted in the strength of the nicotine levels and tend to be mild or regular. Although, the nicotine levels can vary from one supplier to the next. The same applies with sizes. They are either standard or king size.

The flavors and nicotine levels are much more varied in the electronic cigarette market. The number of flavors and the strengths and nicotine levels vary from one supplier to the next. In addition to the basic tobacco and menthol flavors, there are several fruit flavors you can choose from as well as coffee and chocolate. You also have the freedom to choose the nicotine strengths which can vary from zero upwards.


Regular cigarettes are normally purchased in packets of twenty. They are readily available for purchase in retail outlets, but are generally considered as getting to be too expensive. Buying in bulk does not always offer substantial savings. Once they have been smoked, there is only ash and perhaps a filter tip which cannot be used again, left over.

Electronic cigarettes in the UK can be purchased in starter kits, we do realise how difficult the choice can be and this is the reason we set up this website, to provide the most up to date resource for UK e cigarette reviews.

In general the kits will contain everything you require to smoke electronic cigarettes. The number of component parts that make up the cigarette will vary between suppliers. In general there is a minimum of two pieces and a maximum of four that make up the electronic cigarette. That includes the body of the cigarette which often contains the rechargeable battery the cartridge, atomizer and the filter in the cigarette tip. Here at Ecig Click however, prefer the two part construction, this is what we are currently focusing our reviews on.

Depending on the starter pack selected you should also find a standard charger, e liquid in bottles for refillable cartridges or a selection of disposable filters and cartridges. Other components such as carrying case and additional cartridges or USB chargers will depend on the size of the starter pack you order. These can also be bought as extras further down the line.

Electronic cigarettes are not generally available in retail stores. Orders normally need to be placed online, and delivery times and costs will vary depending on your location in the world. The advantage of ordering online is that you can check out the promotions and special offers before placing your order. There are often discounts offered for bulk purchases but when it comes to this kind of product we recommend buying the best value starter kit to give it a try. Just be sure you buy from a website that has a real electronic cigarette review by real users, just like we do here at !

Starter packs do seem to be quite expensive, but when you take into account everything that is included and work out how that compares with the cost of regular cigarettes in the United kingdom. It is usually a lot less. There are a few electronic cigarette suppliers that do offer a thirty day money back guarantee. So if you try them and decide they are not for you, it may be possible to return the remainder and get your money back. You would have to check with each individual supplier for their T&C’s though.

A warranty is also usually available on accessories and equipment for material defects on those items included in a starter pack. However, time scales for the duration of the warranty agreement will vary from one company to another so it is always best to check before buying.


An electronic cigarette allows you to enjoy a smoke without any of the risks caused by regular cigarettes. You cannot be blamed for creating bad smells or polluting the environment if you are using electronic cigarettes. You are not subjecting those around you to the effects of second hand smoke or the harmful chemicals that are known to be thrown out by regular cigarettes. For that reason, it may be possible to smoke in places that ban the use of regular cigarettes either through choice or in compliance with legislation on smoking.

From a health and safety point of view, the risk of burns or fires being caused by regular cigarettes not being extinguished or used properly is non existent with electronic cigarettes.

Finally, but probably most important for many of us who are struggling financially in the UK’s current economic climate, there are opportunities to save a lot of money by making sure you do some research online to find the best possible deal.

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