Simply the worse cigarettes ever made. My father smoked them until he quit. They have no taste at all and emit a foul odor. When I have to smoke these I end up needing to smoke two to get a whole milligram of nicotine in my system, so I end up smoking more of them. FYI This was my first cigarette. If I smoke a pack of Marlboro Lights then I catch bronchitis. They’re nothing special. Just an American Blend of tobacco ruined with formaldehyde, rat poison, and a long white filter with two rows of air vents, whereas if you cut the filter above the air vents or cut the filter off its the same as the Marlboro Full Flavor. It tastes of nothing except tar and nicotine. Marlboro Lights are a waste of money. Simply the worse cigarette ever made.

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Marlboro electronic cigarettes. compare our e cigs with marlboro!

Marlboro cigarettes moldova
Are you looking for a replacement for your favorite brand of cigarettes, Marlboro? Look no further. Simple Cig has you covered! We live in a world where everything from books and toothbrushes, to photo frames and cars, is going electronic. Constant developments are being undertaken in order to make as many things electronic as possible. One of the recent developments is the electronic cigarette, commonly known as an E cigarette. Just as people have their preferred brands of regular cigarettes, e cigarettes are also available in many different brands. One of the leading providers of e cigs is Simple Cig.
Did you know SimpleCig electronic cigarettes cost only a fraction of what you would typically pay for a pack of Marlboro cigarettes at the local store?

Simple Cig is a well established, Southern California based electronic cigarette distributor, who has maintained a loyal customer base since the original opening back in 2010. The company supplies electronic cigarettes that feature realistic traditional cigarette flavor without the smoke and carbon monoxide. For all those who want to save their money, and still satisfy their nicotine cravings, Simple Cig is the way to go.

Simple Cig electronic cigarettes consist of two pieces, a rechargeable lithium polymer battery and a flavored cartridge. When you inhale on your electric cigarette the battery activates an internal heating element called an atomizer. When the atomizer is activated it heats an e liquid (also known as e juice or smoke juice) within the cartridge and creates a rich and flavorful vapor that resembles real smoke. Simple Cig e cigarette cartridges are already pre filled with an e juice solution and come with a built in e cigarette atomizer.

Due to the influence of electronic cigarettes, there is talk that companies like Marlboro are planning to introduce their very own Marlboro tasting electronic cigarette. As of now, there is not much development in this field. But Simple Cig has a flavor for all those who crave for Marlboro flavor but want to opt for electronic cigarettes, it s called, “Western blend.” It captures the classic Americana domestic tobacco flavorings holding the similar, familiar taste of Marlboro Brand cigarettes. Also, there are other flavors and strengths like 18 mg high nicotine, 11 mg low nicotine and 0 mg non nicotine (which appeals to those who simply want to experience smoking electronic cigarettes without nicotine.)

We dare you to compare our tobacco blends with traditional cigarette competitors such as Marlboro. Call Simple Cig at 888 903 6401 to order by phone!

It seems like just a few dollars when one buys a pack of traditional cigarettes, but when this price sums up, for let s say five years, it adds up to a lot. Where as in the case of electronic cigarettes, you spend some money in the beginning and reap the benefits throughout the year. Hence, Simple Cig e cigarettes are economical. Known for its friendly and knowledgeable customer service, Simple Cig even provides its new customers a pack of electronic cigarette cartridges free with their first order. Also, you get 30 day money back guarantee with Simple Cig e cigarettes. Return it if you are not 100% satisfied. The best part when you buy your E cigarettes from Simple Cig is that you don t need to pay shipping charges, because it s free on all their products!