Winston Classic
Red packaging of cigarettes indicates their strength. The amount of nicotine in one cigarette is 1.08 mg, tar content us 15 mg. Products of the company “JTI”. The brand name of cigarettes is the image of a soaring golden eagle that is familiar to those who buy cheap cigarettes.
The name of cigarettes on a pack was previously written in dark blue font, but in the course of “evolution” it acquired a golden color. It has been recognized several times as the best-selling tobacco in the world.

Unlike the traditional red color, a pack of these cigarettes is painted in sand shades. On the pack is placed the symbol of the mark – a camel (this is how their name is translated) and the pyramids surrounding it. Cigarettes are manufactured by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco for the shoppers who buy cheap cigarettes.
The blend of tobacco used to produce this cigarette brand is known by the name “American blend” is a special proportion the proportion of Turkish and virgin tobacco. Cigarettes have a fairly mild flavor. One cigarette contains 1.10 mg of nicotine and 15 mg of tar.
Lucky Strike Original Red
The manufacturer of these strong cigarettes is the company “BAT”. The main feature of these tobacco products is that the tobacco for their production is not dried by the traditional method, but is fried by a special method.
An interesting fact: within the first years of production, the cigarette pack was green and only later did the manufacturers change the design to a more aesthetic one — a white background with a red circle and black inscription. One cigarette contains 1.0 mg of nicotine and 15 mg of tar.

Magna Menthol
Contrary to stereotypes about the relative “weakness” of menthol cigarettes, among them there are very strong products. Magna Menthol is a vivid example.
One cigarette contains 0.9 mg of nicotine and 14 mg of tar. The manufacturer of these cigarettes is the company “R. J. Reynolds Tobacco. The green color of the pack is characteristic of menthol cigarettes.