With a market share of 5.6% (based on 2012 data), Gauloises cigarettes are undoubtedly one of the best-known tobacco products sold in this country; the market in France, the brand’s country of origin, where it was launched in 1876 under the name “Hongroises”. The share and recognition of the name is unsurprisingly high. In France it was launched in 1910 under the name “Gauloises”, at the same time as its sister brand Gitanes. Gauloises cigarettes became famous and infamous for its inherently very strong tobacco, enhanced by the use of very dark-colored tobacco, the use of cone paper, and a filterless design.

The company’s success in the 1950s and 1960s was not without its challenges, such as the invention of the unique winged helmet design that still stands today (this was in 1936), and the addition of filters and lighters to the line. It may not be a well known but curious fact that the Gauloises cigarettes are not manufactured in their native France. However, this does not mean that the French no longer smoke Gauloises cigarettes or that they have banned it completely.

The brand of Gauloises cigarettes is owned by major tobacco manufacturer Riemzuma, which is a subsidiary of its global partner Imperial Brands. Riemzuma currently employs about two people in Germany, most of who are employed at its factory in Langenhagen, Hannover.

What are Gauloises cigarettes?

From the classic pack to the huge size 5XL of 49 cigarettes. Gauloises cigarettes are not only very tasty, but also very stylish. Reemtsma, the creator of the Davidoff brand, has a strong portfolio of very well-known brands. These are primarily brands such as West, John Player and Gauloises cigarettes, thanks to which the company continues to gain momentum. Reemsma has been one of the leading cigarette manufacturers for a long period of time and will remain so for a long time to come. Reemsma claims that it does not add any additives to its products that would make it difficult to quit smoking.