CigarettesKent cigarettes were the first cigarettes launched in the US in 1952 and today they are sold in more than 70 countries. They were long (70 mm) and expensive cigarettes in the traditional soft pack typical for America of 1950s. The brand was named after the head of the company – Herbert Kent.

Kent products meet the highest international quality standards. In addition, Kent cigarettes maintain an innovator status, analyzing the needs of consumers and introducing innovations to the market. Today Kent brand holds a strong position in the “premium” segment.

Kent cigarettes are represented by the following varieties:

Kent HD cigarettes are the basic variety and one of the leaders in the premium segment. In 2014, Kent HD appeared in a completely new outlook: there was changed not only the pack but also a filter.

The usual two-piece carbon filter of Kent cigarettes was replaced with a new innovative filter Taste +. This filter retains its shape during smoking and a unique filtration system makes a mild taste richer.

Kent Nanotek – these are the cigarettes of innovative nano-format, which were first launched in 2007. With this launch Kent cigarettes once again confirmed their status as of an innovator, creating a completely new segment of cigarettes.

In 2012, Nanotek appeared in a new minimalistic design, and in summer 2015 Kent Nanotek was newly released. Now, the taste of Nanotek is as saturated as in the classical format, thanks to the unique filter Taste + and a special bag of high quality tobacco.

The pack has a new design – it is easy to open in one motion due to a special cutout in the lid.

Kent iSWITCH – these are the cigarette with a choice of flavors – an innovation introduced in 2010. Thanks to a special capsule in Kent filter you can switch from soft taste Kent to a refreshing one at any time: it is enough to click one time on a filter.

Kent HDi – premium cigarettes with a unique Taste + filter in a compact format. They were presented in the international market not so long ago.

Kent HDs – these are cigarettes of super-thin format in an elegant design. Firstly they appeared in 2012.

In 2010 it was launched a new product for the market – Kent Convertibles. The filter of cigarettes of this brand is made half of coal and half of acetate, which is placed inside a gelatin capsule with a refreshing taste.

During smoking by clicking on the icon on the filter there will be activated the capsule, which will change the taste of cigarettes to the menthol one.