There is an interpretation why you purchase American Legend cigarettes. The dream book determines what a pack of American Legend cigarettes means, as follows: smoking yourself is a signal that you have to deal with the problems that will arise during the implementation of your plans; just lit cigarettes – in fact, believe people in vain. Do not trust in the first place those with whom you have recently met; it went out in your hands – in reality you will communicate with good friends; the dream book says that giving a single cigarette to a stranger is a sign that you can make the right choice; a full pack indicates a large number of temptations and dubious pleasures; dreaming of considering cigarette smoke – in reality, there will be complications in communicating with others; buy a pack – you can get new information, important information; in a dream book, a girl smokes a cigarette – in reality, someone is hiding something important from you; trade in tobacco products – in fact, others will respect you; in the night vision you have an obsessive desire to smoke – soon you will have to look for a new place of service.

In the view of the Freud’s theory, American Legend cigarettes clearly symbolize the phallus; therefore it is related to the sexual relations of the sexes. A cigarette pack is the personification of the female genital organs. For example, in a dream book, smoking a cigarette is a sign that you are completely satisfied with what is happening in intimate life (meaning for a man). For a woman, a dream indicates a desire for oral sex.

If you hand someone a cigarette, then you want to participate in group sex. A cigarette butt is a symbol that you are not satisfied with the size of the penis, and this, in turn, is a cause for constant concern. To see the last cigarette in a pack is not really satisfied with the current parterre. If tobacco products have run out, you have some problems in the intimate sphere. It can be diseases or sexual dysfunction.