The largest tobacco companies are preparing for a possible ban of the sale of menthol cigarettes and are considering the possibility of referring to court, Dow Jones writes.
According to the representative of Reynolds American, any proposal to ban menthol cigarettes “will be considered in a court trial.” “We believe that the data indicate that menthol does not contribute to the beginning of smoking, does not make the process of quitting more difficult and does not increase the health risks compared to conventional cigarettes,” he added.

They warn that they will protect interests of smokers who consume cheap cigarettes with menthol additives.

We have encountered or heard about cheap cigarettes with menthol.
Menthol is a substance released from essential mint oil or produced synthetically. One of the first companies that started adding menthol to cigarettes was Brown & Williamson; in 1927, they released Kool brand, which, to this day, is very popular among menthol cigarettes. The production uses tobacco containing special synthetic additives that impart a menthol taste to a cigarette. However, in most brands of current cigarettes, only paper is saturated with menthol.

It is known that menthol can affect the neurons of the human nervous system, which are responsible for the feeling of cold. Because of this, while smoking menthol cigarettes; the smoker does not feel the brunt of tobacco smoke. And even the first cigarette will be completely pleasant to the novice smoker. It is also a well-known fact that flavored cigarettes are very addictive. Among people who smoke cheap cigarettes with menthol for 15 years, 47% were able to stop smoking, but among people who smoke flavored cigarettes, this figure was only 30%. The main consumers of menthol cigarettes are teenagers and women. In many countries of the world, menthol cigarettes are not very common; they are smoked only by 5% of smokers. On the contrary, in the US, 32.3% of the population prefers them, and, surprisingly, 80% of them are African Americans.

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