Cigarette smoking is a matter in which everyone finds something unique. Someone likes timeless classics, someone prefers synthetic flavors, and someone prefers the tart bitterness of standard flavors. Tobacco manufacturers are ready to satisfy the most picky consumer. It seems that Esse cigarettes appeared precisely for such people.

This brand of tobacco is one of the youngest on the world market among tobacco products. It appeared only in 1996 in South Korea.

You can talk a lot about KT & G, which is the developer of this brand. One thing is clear – long tradition, modern technology, responsibility KT&G is the trump card of this business. With over 110 years of experience, Korea Tomorrow&Global is the leading tobacco company in South Korea and the 5th largest tobacco company in the world. According to Euromonitor data for 2014~2020, KT&G is the number 1 super thin cigarette brand in the world. To date, products are represented in more than 101 countries of the world.

Let’s talk, for example, about Esse cigarettes Exchange cigarettes with a menthol capsule! Cigarettes are thin, with an ordinary acetate filter, and the capsule is located in it. The taste without a capsule is very good for this type of cigarettes, there is no feeling that you are smoking air, they pass down the throat quite softly, and there is a slight peppercorn in the taste. By pressing the capsule, you feel the taste of classic menthol, at first it is not saturated, it opens towards the end of the cigarette. Menthol is not strong with a slight chill. If you smoke with deep puffs while holding the filter, then in principle you can sensate all the aspects of the flavor.
We can recommend these cigarettes to lovers of capsule cigarettes, or if classic tobacco is boring.

What are Esse cigarettes?

Korean Esse cigarettes are is a product that is presented on the domestic market in the singular. Only here the manufacturer has managed to develop the widest range of varieties that will satisfy any taste preferences. The line of the cigarettes is striking in its diversity. It is these tobacco products that are divided into capsule and classic. Esse won the greatest popularity, a very large assortment of cigarettes, a good, unique taste, and an original pack design. Getting acquainted with this brand, you will undoubtedly find something personal and understandable in every smoking process day by day.