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March 5, 2009 L&M Cigarettes Philip Morris has now come up with a catchy new meaning for L&M Love the Moment.. L&M cigarettes have an interesting history. L&M cigarettes were first manufactured by Ligget & Myers Tobacco Company in Durham, NC. Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company was founded in 1873 after a partnership between J.E. Liggett and George Smith Meyers was established. The brand name of the cigarette was derived from the initials of its manufacturer L&M (Liggett & Meyers). They were an independent company for more than 130 years. Besides L&M other cigarette brands included Chesterfield (1917 There were three national brands of cigarettes on the US market Lucky Strike, Camel and Chesterfield), Lark and Eve.

In 1976 company changed its name to the Liggett Group, Inc., with Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company as a division. In 1999 saw the formation of Vector Tobacco Inc. Also in 1999, Liggett Vector Brands Inc. sold L&M, Lark and Chesterfield (Chesterfield cigarettes was one of the three most smoked brands of cigarettes in the United States) brands to Philip Morris Companies Inc., now known as the Altria Group. Philip Morris has positioned L&M in the mid price segment along with Chesterfield. L&M is one of the top five international brands and gaining in popularity in the states.

Camel SNUS Hate to admit this but they tell me that Camel SNUS is selling better. In fact one c store owner tells me he was about to order snus for the very 1st time usually the stuff just expires but the RJR salesman sent him for free another 60 cans of Camel SNUS more Frost than Mellow. Hard to beat these guys if they keep on dumping free cans of snus on the market. A few weeks ago a fellow came into the c store and bought a can of snus and the owner gave him around 25 30 free cans that were soon to expire.

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