It is packaged as king size (85 mm), 20 cigarettes in a hard pack. The brand was created in response to customer demands for a low tar, menthol and D spec clarification needed product. 1

Types edit

  • Seven Stars (Soft Pack/Box)
  • Seven Stars Medium (Box)
  • Seven Stars Lights (Box)
  • Seven Stars Black Impact (Soft Pack)
  • Seven Stars Menthol (Box)
  • Seven Stars Lights Menthol (Soft Pack/Box)
  • Seven Stars Black Charcoal Menthol (Box)
  • Seven Stars Revo Lights Menthol
  • Seven Stars Revo Super Lights

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Commonwealth brand cigarettes

  • Classic Full Flavour
  • Classic Regular
  • Classic Milds
  • Classic Ultramilds
  • Classic Menthol
  • Classic Riviera Whiff
  • Classic Taste Treasures
  • Classic Kafeato
  • Classic Menthol Rush
  • Classic Verve
  • classic citric blast

Launch and promotion edit

Classic advertising began fairly quietly through the name and the line a contemporary classic . The brand was old world, Anglophile in its appeal and was marketed through the use of etchings from the Raj era, in keeping with the brand line. In the early years of its advertising this was fairly successful, since no one else owned that concept. However as time moved on and tastes changed, it became necessary to encourage more direct interaction between the consumer and the brand, with an eye to perpetuating the brand story in a more contemporary mould.

The new Classic advertising was the answer. Started in 1992, this showed polo visuals with the headline, Discover a passion.

Sponsorships, carefully chosen, covered the premium sports of racing and golf. These were targeted at the Westernised affluent smoker of the SEC A category. Music was a later addition beginning from 1996/97.

Classic Today edit

The brand s current positioning of Contemporary Style has been arrived at to make a statement about being in sync with modern trends. The horse imagery has been retained. The brand has also extended the music platform into modern forms of music like Lounge and Hip Hop.

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