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We all know that Miley Cyrus loves weed. (She even sells rolling papers as part of her Bangerz tour merchandise!) But the 21 year old has never been quite as outspoken about her love affair with marijuana as she was at a recent concert in London. Weed has never killed anybody. You guys know that, right? she asked from the stage when she spotted fans puffing away. So instead of smoking your cigarettes, why don t you guys just roll a fat joint?

That’s when things got really weird. Miley outed herself as a former cigarette smoker, describing the phase as the best three years of my life. The health advocate (?) then explained that she had to stop because smoking made her look old and ruined her love life. However, the “Adore You” diva revealed that she can get any “guy and girl” to make out with her since switching to marijuana because her breath smells so nice. See video of her unusual PSA after the jump.

You can watch Miley’s pro marijuana rant over at TMZ. Let us know what you think about her unique approach to quitting smoking in the comments below.

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First e-cigarette rules proposed by fda – nbc news

Bbc news cigarette vending machines banned in england

Supporters and some researchers say they may be useful in helping people quit smoking what they call combustible cigarettes, but the research is limited. Hamburg says it’s important to find out just how people really are using them whether as an aid to kicking the habit or as a crutch to get them past no smoking zones.

And most health advocates are suspicious of the motives of e cigarette makers.

“The tobacco industry are very vigorously looking at alternative products to smoking tobacco and are betting a lot that this will be a product for them that will be viable in the future,” said American Heart Association president Dr. Mariell Jessup.

“It s being marketed a lot that the smoke is harmless and we don t know that. We shouldn’t be fooled by the promises that these devices, these nicotine delivery systems, are safe.”

The Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids was more blunt.

“It is inexcusable that it has taken the FDA and the Administration so long to act. This delay has had serious public health consequences as these unregulated tobacco products have been marketed using tactics and sweet flavors that appeal to kids, and their use has skyrocketed,” the group said in a statement.

E cigarettes contain at the least nicotine and compounds such as propylene glycol, as well as water, to make a flavored mist that looks like smoke and that users can inhale like they would a cigarette.

But Hamburg says no one really knows what else is in them or what the effects are of inhaling the heated up mixture. We don t know as much about the safety and risks of e cigarettes and that is why we want to be able to regulate them, Hamburg told NBC News.

The current situation is of great concern to us, she added. It is an unregulated environment with respect to these products.

They are an easy way for kids to take up a nicotine habit and then go on to cigarettes and other tobacco products.”

Flavors such as strawberry and thin mint make it clear the products are being aimed at children, teens and young adults, Hamburg said.

They are an easy way for kids to take up a nicotine habit and then go on to cigarettes and other tobacco products that we know carry very serious risks, she said.

Thursday s proposals are just the start of a cumbersome process. FDA will publish the suggested regulations and then the public and industry may weigh in. FDA must consider the comments before it enacts a final rule something that can take months or even years.

We want to move as quickly as we can but it is a process and it will take time, Hamburg said. We think the fact that we are beginning the process is important.

The FDA banned fruit and candy flavored cigarettes soon after the agency was given regulatory power over tobacco in 2009. Hamburg noted that tobacco companies then started making flavored cigars and she said that worries her.

Last year, the FDA found that menthol cigarettes were more dangerous than non flavored cigarettes, but did nothing to limit their sale.

NBC’s Tom Costello and Jay Blackman contributed to this report