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Are e-cigarettes really safe? europe grapples with smoking alternative as pressure to regulate builds
01 26 2010, 03 55 PM Lancet71 Location Long Island,New York 7,980 posts, read 7,332,521 times Reputation 2255 If you do a search online for it,a bunch of indian reservations do mail order including Poospatuck in long island,ny.
01 26 2010, 04 44 PM John Buettner Location Florida 380 posts, read 443,879 times Reputation 240 You might want to try Clipper light cigars $8.50 a carton. They are very mild and come in a regular cigarette pack. In fact I think they are better than cigarettes. 02 19 2010, 07 11 AM PMellie 1 posts, read 9,248 times Reputation 10 What is the name of the website?

Quote Originally Posted by Mastif Buy them online because it is cheaper than Indian reservations. You have to buy 6 cartons at a time and they send only 2 cartons at a time per day for it to be tax duty and it is legal to do so. Duty free is 2 cartons per person so they send 2 cartons at a time. Marlboro is like $20.95 per carton. Saves big bucks. REPLY This sounds like a good deal. What is the name of the website? Thank you. 02 22 2010, 01 57 PM brittany1987 1 posts, read 9,207 times Reputation 10 what the web sit for these cig 02 22 2010, 02 04 PM cokatie 1,777 posts, read 1,512,245 times Reputation 2927 I get mine off a gal who placed an add on CraigsList in my area. I had done research on the Indian reservations, but here in the East, they are under attack for selling “brand name” smokes. So be careful that you are getting what you are paying for. Also, when using CraigsList or other places, make sure that you are going to get AMERICAN grown/made cigarettes. A lot of these people are getting them from Europe/UK, and there is a DEFINITE taste difference. A lot harsher. 03 03 2010, 01 08 AM mandarine 1 posts, read 9,255 times Reputation 13 I buy mine at , mind that they take checks only.
anyway you must be 18 or older to buy them 03 03 2010, 05 18 PM tijlover Location Las Vegas, Nevada 10,523 posts, read 8,011,755 times Reputation 13427 When they imposed those hefty taxes on those one pound bags of cigarette tobacco, I switched over to mild cigar tobacco ($14) and I hardly notice any difference in taste.

But I refuse to pay $40 for a bag of cigarette tobacco. At that price, I can buy a carton at the Indian store for less. 03 05 2010, 06 44 AM stillkit Location Texas 14,023 posts, read 8,341,225 times Reputation 7337 Quote Originally Posted by dutchesk It’s so hard to find cheap cigarettes. However, my search is over. I never thought I’d buy online, but now I’m glad I do. Besides their great prices, Buy from has a very friendly staff that makes the entire process a breeze. Be careful buying cigarettes online. The seller is required by law to report your purchase to your state taxing authority. They may not be doing it currently, but with that information they can come knocking on your door seeking the taxes. 03 06 2010, 04 30 AM old cold Location NY & Fl 10,017 posts, read 6,137,380 times Reputation 7702 Just keep in mind, as the fine print on websites such as this states, you may receive a tax bill from purchases made from overseas sellers.
You might get away with it and save might not.

Last edited by nancy thereader 03 06 2010 at 08 14 PM.. 09 26 2010, 11 20 AM m. kelly 1 posts, read 7,587 times Reputation 11 this is like the old bootlegger days it is a sick country we live in that everyone wants to get in the money game. the president smokes where does he get them that loose cannon smokes where does he buy them? this is a big joke put out be the drunken do gooders of the land. tax wiskey cigars beer and etc. see how that goes over with the fat cats tax the millionaires there fair share and leave the poor and unemployed alone this country is headed for the dogs. stand up to be counted smokers and get these laws changed for the sake of free rights in this sad pittiful world God help us. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Over $68,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. Additional giveaways are planned.

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