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Occ doc in a box: here come electronic cigarettes, and what’s old is new again! – part 3

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Continued from last week . . .

Make no mistake nicotine is toxic all by itself. The tobacco plant produces nicotine as a natural pesticide to kill insects that infest it. In fact, high concentrations of nicotine were formerly used as an agricultural pesticide. Now, refill “juice” contains concentrations as high as did nicotine pesticides. Whereas a nicotine cartridge contains 20 mg, the refill bottles may contain up to 7 GRAMS of nicotine. Considering that a single 50 MILLIGRAM nicotine dose could potentially kill an adult, this means 1 refill bottle has enough nicotine to kill 140 adults. If you wonder why the manufacturers would sell such a highly concentrated and toxic solution, realize that the more concentrated the solution, the lighter the nicotine product the lighter the nicotine product, the lower the taxes.

With the electronic cigarette, tobacco makers can exploit this important regulatory loophole. Tobacco taxes are based on the weight of tobacco they contain. Manufacturers knew they could beat weight based taxes with new lighter weight, smokeless, and dissolvable tobacco products (Camel Snus, Stix, Strips, Orbs). Even better, nicotine in electronic cigarette cartridge solutions weighs even less and will shrink these tax burdens even more.

Watching the size of the vapor plume that bursts from an electronic cigarette user’s mouth also seems instructive of the manufacturer’s cynicism. You may wonder how such a little device can create such an impressive cumulous cloud, and why. Its tiny cartridge or miniature “tank” can’t possibly hold enough fluid volume to liberate smoke like clouds puff after puff. But recall that the cartridge solutions DO contain glycols antifreeze which scavenge water molecules from the air and FROM THE USER’S LUNGS, just like antifreeze does from your car’s cooling system. Most of the vapor cloud, by volume, represents atmospheric and bodily water drawn by these glycols. This allows ingenious manufactures to keep the size of these vaporizers remarkably small, as small as a cigarette in fact! Plus, scavenging water from the air, as well as from the breath of the user, allows manufacturers to beat the weight based taxes they would have to pay if they instead made their nicotine solutions with water rather than glycols. The electronic cigarette is small like a cigarette, glows like a cigarette, makes a big expressive cloud in the air like a cigarette, and best of all, keeps users addicted to nicotine, like a cigarette. Other than show, this burst of vapor serves no purpose medical inhalers can deliver full dose nicotine without any such cloud.

Yet, electronic cigarette purveyors deny that their products could serve as a “gateway” to use of other forms of tobacco. In fact, the electronic cigarette provides a fast track not only to all types of tobacco use, but also to worse addictions than just that. It has not taken long for unscrupulous users to realize the electronic cigarette cartridge, tube, and battery powered heating element nicely deliver THC containing cannabis solutions made from the marijuana plant, even in “polite company.” That is, electronic weed comes without the tell tale “burning rope” smell of non electronic weed. And, the word on the street is that the newly smuggled “black heroin” works great in electronic cigarette cartridges. That allows needle phobic drug adventurers to become addicted to heroin despite their fear of a syringe. Recall, nicotine is to cigarette as heroin is to syringe (or to “vaping”). Wondering what the goofy guy next to you in the bar is “vaping?” Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, as the saying goes.

It also took 50 years after the surgeon general’s report to flush out the fact that cigarette manufacturers deliberately market to and target children. In a sense, they must if you make a product that prematurely kills your customers, you must logically replace dead customers with new recruits or go out of business. Now tobacco manufacturers can do this with electronic cigarettes, which offer kids candy and fruit flavored nicotine solutions. Electronic cigarette magazine ads follow the same cool and “glam” shtick as have traditional cigarettes. They obviously link smoking, and now “vaping,” to a body slimming benefit, which especially appeals to young people who want to resemble the starlets who now promote “vaping.” Cigarette manufacturers once used to promote the rugged and independent Marlboro Man to sell “lighting up” as symbolic of freedom of expression. Now they target fashion conscious and peer pressure sensitive children filling their heads with a cloud of vapor to create new nicotine customers. When one promotes new ways to get a nicotine fix as a “free choice,” they clearly don’t understand the nature of addiction, in which compulsion always displaces free choice. Or perhaps they do, but cannot resist the profits they can make from exploiting it. Note that electronic cigarette makers have doubled the number of junior high school children who have used their product in the last two years.

Even a brief look at the glam marketing of electronic cigarettes shows the intent to “renormalize” smoking behavior. As always, these ads appeal to youthful, image conscious people who thirst for identity and independence. Conventional tobacco advertising has always relied on those vulnerabilities. Now electronic cigarette manufacturers envision a bright future in which their product will become the new norm, with or without combustible cigarettes. As conventional tobacco manufacturers buy more electronic cigarette manufacturing facilities and brands, this “right pocket, left pocket” revenue makes less of a difference. They profit from nicotine addiction either way.

Finally, who are these electronic cigarette manufacturers in the first place? The original electronic cigarette creators worked in China and first marketed internationally in 2002. The electronic cigarette became commonly available in the United States in 2006. Now manufactured outside of China, it appears that the product suffers from the same lack of quality control processes as had Chinese manufactured lead painted children’s toys. The FDA laboratory analysis of 2009 found that even cartridges labeled as containing no nicotine still contained detectable nicotine, and that three different cartridges under the same label emitted markedly different amounts of nicotine with each puff. The nicotine level per puff fluctuated by nearly 100% percent Another potent nicotine cartridge delivered double the nicotine as did FDA approved NRT, such as patches, gum, and lozenges. I suspect higher profits, not higher quality standards, lured Big Tobacco Manufacturers into buying the mom and pop electronic cigarette companies. So meet the new boss same as the old boss will we get fooled again?

Victims are victims, and perpetrators are perps. Promoting addiction for the sake of profit points the finger at the profiteer and not the customer. When someone who profits from tobacco, whether smoked, smokeless, dissolvable, spit, or now electronically delivered, says they now have a new, safe, and healthy product, don’t listen. I will believe they want to sell healthier products only when they have stopped selling their toxic ones.
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