Important to know: Heets online. HEETS are the small tobacco sticks designed for use in Philip Morris’ IQOS devices. The HEETS sticks are made of high quality and compressed Marlboro tobacco. They are available in four flavors, which you can also buy from us in the online shop: Amber Label (fine note), Bronze Label (ripe, balanced taste) and Yellow Label (mild note) and Red Label (strong and characteristic). Important to know: the tobacco of the HEETS is not burned (like in a classic cigarette), but heated in a controlled manner. This leads to evaporation, which releases the fine flavors of the tobacco types – but not to combustion, which would release more pollutants. The HEETS tobacco sticks will be manufactured in Bologna and in future also in Dresden.

Do you already know about Heets online? It is an innovative tobacco heating system from Philip Morris for pure tobacco enjoyment after you find Heets online. Are you wondering what that is and what is the difference to the e-cigarette?

With an e-cigarette, a nicotine-containing liquid is inhaled. At IQOS, pure tobacco is heated in the form of Heets. The heating sheet heats up to about 290 degrees, with conventional cigarettes the tobacco burns at about 600 degrees. The result? Where there is no combustion, there is no ash. The odor formation and above all the odor adhesion with IQOS is many times lower than with a conventional cigarette. Those who consume IQOS breathe an average of 90% less pollutants compared to a conventional cigarette.

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