Drum cigarettes are a Dutch logo of shredded or domestic grown tobacco that was first produced and advertised by Douwe Egberts, which it released in 1956. Douwe Egberts changed into acquired by the Sara Lee business enterprise, which bought the brand of drum cigarettes to the current British producer imperial brands after Douwe Egberts stopped producing drums in the united states of America, republic tobacco of Glenview, Illinois commenced generating its personal model of drum cigarettes on the market in the U.S.A., often in activity roll paper applications. Each variation is considered 1/2’s ware (Dutch for “1/2 strength”) tobaccos, despite the fact that the flavor and aromas are unique because of variations in curing techniques.

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Nearly all people who smoke, after trying those cigarettes, smoke as a minimum one among them. Most of them give fine remarks. The tobacco is without problems drawn in and gives a strong, flavorful smoke. This also emphasizes the coolest excellence of the tobacco used. Customers note the best excellent, medium power and regular filling.

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What are Drum cigarettes?

Drum cigarettes are most customarily a mixture of dark Kentucky Burley and shiny Virginia tobacco. Imperial additionally produces golden and light drum cigarettes. Drum cigarettes are stuffed with the premium tobacco combination that is known as drum unique. The share quantities to 50% Virginia + 50% Kentucky. This is the so-called traditional 1/2-and-1/2 tobacco combo. Whilst processing tobacco leaves, the middle veins are eliminated by using manual works, so there are no massive veins inside the resulting combo. Smokers truly like drum cigarettes. All of them observe the fine flavor of the product, in which no needless impurities of a chemical nature are felt, wherein no useless impurities of a chemical nature are felt.