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Nothing could go wrong with their V2 starter kit. The price is very affordable and if it s time to refill your cartomizer you will find yourself very happy with the price. If you are new to using e cigarettes, you will be very glad to speak with a live person who will be able to assist you. When you call their customer service, it is a good and pleasant experience each time you get help from them. They are surely trained to resolve any concerns and issues a customer has and they truly know how to make a customer put down the phone with a big smile on her face.

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The Growing E cigarettes Industry

With a growing new interest in the safer, more affordable, and stylish industry of e cigarettes. It is easy to become lost amongst the many brands. While all of the brands more or less offer the same thing, they each contain acute qualities that further their popularity amongst users. From flavor options to vapor production, the intricacies of electronic cigarettes only add to a more pleasurable experience.

The first brand that you may find goes by the name of V2 Cigs. V2 Cigs has been described as the prominent cigarette brand amongst users by What makes V2 more attractive in sharp contrast to their competitors is their supreme quality, as well as their large selection of starter kits ranging from $24 to $179. Users claim that V2 brand electric cigarettes produce more vapors and have a longer battery life than anything on the market. The real selling point for V2 is their extremely large flavor selection. V2 holds more flavor options they any other electronic cigarette on the market today.

Ladies who find the V2 Cigs appealing may also be inclined to look at the Vapor Couture electric cigarettes. These fashionable and attractive electric cigarettes are the first of its kind marketed towards women. Produced by V2 Cigs, its no surprise that the product contains unsurpassed quality. The same increases in vapor and battery life found in the regular V2 Cigs have been incorporated into the Vapor Couture cigarettes. They are ideal for the aspiring woman.

In competition with V2 Cigs is the highly acclaimed brand Eversmoke. Similar in nearly every way, the classic style mini electronic cigarettes are praised by their users. Like the V2 Cigs Cigarettes, the Eversmoke brand lives to serve a noticeable increase in vapor output and battery life although they offer a much smaller flavor selection of around 10 flavors. The slightly more expensive starter kits start at $60 but the result is well worth it.

If money is no objective, perhaps one should upgrade to the electronic cigarette of the stars. Smokestik carries the reputation of stylish and fancy electronic Cigarettes. Characterized by their long, slender and sophisticated attributes, its no surprise that stars such as Katherine Heigl consume their vapors. While their battery life isn t up to par in comparison to the leading companies, users are sure to leave a mark wherever they may travel with such a device.

The final popular electronic cigarette that you may find goes by the name of South Beach Smoke. South Beach Smoke offer the similar mini e cigarette that Eversmoke offers but at a much cheaper price. The high quality start kit starts at $30! While they may have a miniscule selection of specialty flavors to choose from they offer just as many total flavor as Eversmoke and have a superior taste. This brand is easily a crowd favorite.
While a large variety of electronic cigarettes exist in today s market, its import to find the right one for you. Whether you re a normal day to day person or someone who enjoys the finer things in life, chances are there is an electric cigarette made just for you.

Bronco cigarettes – this is bronco nation

Cost for a pack of cigarettes in wyoming

Giel York Tobacco, headquartered in Miami, Florida, is a privately owned corporation whose founders have many years of diverse experience in the tobacco industry. Beginning with their first marquee brand “Bronco”, the company s primary objective has been to build on the previously established success its members have had in the generic cigarette business since 1996. Several executives of Giel York Tobacco are the original founders and creators of Bronco Cigarettes in the United States and many other countries around the world. Over the past decade, Bronco became one of the largest price valued cigarette brands in the United States, achieving over 1% of the entire cigarette market while distributed by General Tobacco.

In February of 2011, North American Tobacco Company, settled a long seven year legal dispute regarding the rights in the world famous Bronco brand. A global settlement between North American Tobacco, General Tobacco, and SDK Patan, LLC was accomplished. SDK Patan, LLC acquired all right, title, interest, and associated goodwill in and to the Bronco brand for cigarettes and tobacco related products. Following this transition, SDK Patan, LLC by virtue of a license agreement with Giel York Tobacco, entered into a Manufacturing and Distribution Agreement with Six Nations Manufacturing of New York.

Six Nations Manufacturing and owner J.C. Seneca were carefully selected to become the exclusive manufacturer of Bronco Cigarettes for the United States and Native Territories. Giel York Tobacco s decision to have Six Nations Manufacturing exclusively manufacture Bronco was due to its solid reputation and steady growth in the tobacco industry. Six Nations Manufacturing, headed by its director of operations Mark Corrao, has proven to be an industry leader in producing superior tobacco products, while maintaining the highest level of regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. Giel York Tobacco embraced Six Nations Manufacturing capabilities and operational integrity to achieve its vision “Provide the finest tobacco products at a lower price.”

Due to the sharp consolidation among the scarcely compliant manufacturers in the tobacco industry, there is a significant increase in demand for quality price value cigarettes. This Joint Venture will dedicate its combined resources in bringing Bronco back to a loyal wholesale customer base, routinely deprived of steady product supply and higher profit margins in past years.

Bronco cigarettes are now manufactured exclusively in the United States by Six Nations Manufacturing under the authority of Giel York Tobacco. Bronco Class A cigarettes are currently available in 100 s and King Size Hinge Top Box in all popular choices including Red, Gold, Silver, Menthol, Menthol Gold, and Non Filter.

After sampling Bronco’s superior blend of tobacco, like many others, you will discover why there are a growing number of satisfied wholesalers and distributors who enjoy enormous renewed success with the best price value cigarette on the market.


Located on the Sovereign Territory of the Seneca Nation near Buffalo, NY, Six Nations Manufacturing operates some of the most modern, state of the art technology and equipment for manufacturing cigarettes and other tobacco products. The production facility and the entire alliance with Giel York Tobacco employs over 40 experienced personnel. Six Nations Manufacturing facility meets or exceeds the highest industry and regulatory standards. Six Nations Manufacturing is a U.S. Federally licensed facility that is regulated by the Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), a division of the Alcohol Tobacco and Fire Arms (ATF), under the authority of the U.S Treasury Department. Six Nations Manufacturing is also fully compliant with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All Bronco cigarettes are Fire Safe Certified (FSC).