THOSE who look younger than 40 will now have to produce their identification cards to prove that they are aged 18 or older before they are allowed to buy cigarettes or alcohol at 7 Eleven outlets.

Counter staff will then record their birth dates in the computer system. Anyone found to be under 18 will not be allowed to buy the items.

The trial, which began last week, is part of plans by Dairy Farm Singapore, which owns more than 530 7 Eleven stores, to stop underage youngsters from obtaining cigarettes and alcohol. 7 Eleven outlets in petrol stations are not included in the trial.

Previously, 7 Eleven staff asked only those who looked under 18 to produce ID to verify their age.

Electronic cigarettes – uk law regulating the use of e cigarettes

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The benefits of electronic cigarettes are quite obvious to anyone who does a bit of research on the topic. They are far safer than those chemical ridden tobacco cigarettes, and they are also much cheaper. Electronic cigarettes UK law does have a say in how e cigarettes are packaged and labelled, and anyone over the age of 18 can legally purchase and use an e cigarette just about anywhere they please.

Electronic cigarettes UK law how things work

Electronic cigarettes UK law does not regulate these devices as tobacco products, so you are completely free to smoke them in establishments where smoking has officially been banned. Of course, it is ultimately up to individual establishments to decide whether or not you can use your e cigarette within their premises, but most bars and pubs in the UK allow e smokers to vape whenever they choose. E cigarettes have not yet been formally studied extensively, and this is one of the reasons why some people remained concerned about issues related to overall safety.

Although the FDA in USA plans to regulate electronic cigarettes sold in the US as tobacco products, as of now e cigarettes are not regulated under any specific category. Any rules related to the use of e cigarettes in the European Economic Area are dissimilar between countries, so things can be quite vague. In the future, it is highly likely that electronic cigarettes UK law will begin to regulate these products in some other way, but as of now it is mostly a free for all. Most people believe that compared to tobacco cigarettes, e cigarettes are largely harmless to human health and could even save lives for those smokers choose to use them instead of tobacco cigarettes.

Keeping in line with electronic cigarettes UK law

Although electronic cigarettes UK law remains undecided on appropriate classification, it is important to note that because they usually contain nicotine, electronic cigarettes cannot be purchased by anyone under the age of 18. There are also certain conditions under which the use of e cigarettes is not advisable. It is rarely a good idea for someone to start smoking electronic cigarettes unless an existing addiction to nicotine exists. Nicotine is not a harmless substance, and e cigarettes that contain nicotine are certainly not for everyone.

However, no one will argue that electronic cigarettes are not far safer than tobacco cigarettes, so a person who chooses to switch over is clearly making a healthier lifestyle decision. It is illegal for manufacturers and retailers to market e cigarettes as quit smoking devices, as they are not formally proven to be effective smoking cessation devices, or considered medical devices in any way. In fact, numerous health professionals are still trying to convince people to stick to regulated nicotine uptake alternatives like patches or gum, although these are clearly nowhere near as effective at providing smokers with the smoking experience they enjoy.

Wrapping up the discussion

It is safe to say that electronic cigarettes UK law does stop the use of e cigarettes in public establishments where a smoking ban is in place. Furthermore, anyone over the age of 18 can legally purchase and use an e cigarette in the UK. Electronic cigarettes UK law currently makes it relatively easy for smokers to get a hold of a revolutionary alternative to smoking that can potentially improve the lives of smokers to a dramatic degree.