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How many cigarettes can i buy when travelling within the uk? :-/?

Eu tobacco directive and e-cigarettes: maladministration complaint to european ombudsman В« the counterfactual
The “cheap” cigarettes which you saw at the airport are only for sale to passengers who are flying outside of the european Union. These are the only passengers allowed to buy the “duty free” cigarettes.

Whatever you thought you were buying, it wasn’t duty free it would be illegal for the shop to sell them to you on those terms and they would be prosecuted and very heavily fined. Maybe it was a short term sales promotion. These do sometimes happen.

If you are flying within the UK The shop must always check your boarding card by law so you cannot cheat. You may have come across a sloppy assistant on one occasion who didn’t check, but don’t bet on it happening again.

As for how many cigarettes you can buy in the UK you can buy as many as you can carry. There’s no limit.