Continuing to taste different cigarettes, smokers decide to try these Davidoff cigarettes too. Davidoff cigarettes are branded ones preferred by wealthy smokers because of their high cost. The cigarettes are made from quality tobacco, on a par with Springwater and Dimo.

Davidoff cigarettes are the best selling brand of Commonwealth Brands Inc in 70 countries. At the 2008 Tobacco Plus Expo Show, Davidoff cigarettes received the Best Packaging Design award. These Davidoff cigarettes are distributed in hard cardboard boxes. Inside, there are 20 filter cigarettes, the filter of the cigarettes is the most common. The taste of tobacco in Davidoff cigarettes is pleasant enough, cigarettes last well.

Slim Davidoff cigarettes. Tar content is 6mg, nicotine content is 0.6mg. Davidoff cigarettes are smoking pipes, inside of which there is shredded tobacco for smoking. Davidoff cigarettes differ in strength (nicotine content) and smell. Davidoff cigarettes belong to the premium category. For several decades, Davidoff cigarettes have enjoyed widespread popularity around the world. The brand invariably occupies the first positions in the ranking of tobacco products. All this speaks for the high quality of Imperial Tobacco products.

This allows the manufacturer to reach the widest circle of tobacco smoking adherents and actively market their product. In the White category, there are varieties of tobacco products such as Lights and Ultra Lights. These are the lightest cigarettes, low in nicotine and tar. The manufacturer also took into account the preferences of those who are addicted to smoking flavored tobacco products. These products are especially popular with women and girls. It has an acceptable cost, which contributes to the promotion of the brand.

The manufacturer’s products are available in any country in the world and do not need advertising. Each adherent of tobacco has its own preferences, but not a single smoker has yet given up high-quality and affordable products. It is to this, worthy of universal recognition, that the products of this brand are referred.

There is a false opinion that under the leadership of Henrikh Davydov, the company supplied the market with a much higher quality product. After the death of the owner in 1994, the heirs sold the company. After which it was repeatedly resold. Its current owner, Imperial Tobacco, no longer pays due attention to the quality of the raw materials used. But the brand is still considered one of the best in the country and in the entire world.