lucky-strike-orig-redIf we talk about one specific cigarettes brand that turned out to reach quickly the top of tobacco industry, then it is Lucky Strike Cigarettes. Lucky Strike cigarettes bought as chewing tobacco product at the very beginning but some time later the creators transformed this product into cigarettes without the filter installed.

The brand began to develop after it was acquired by American Tobacco Company in the 1900’s. The company used all possible resources to draw attention to Lucky Strike cigarettes in a public medium. The production method was described with the help of slogans in order to spread their messages all over the world.

Their first slogan was known as “ It’s toasted”. This slogan was invented to make it obvious everywhere that the tobacco leaves gathered to produce Lucky Strike underwent the process of toasting and not of a sun dried as other brands as a rule do. This process of toasting of leaves provided the cigarettes with characteristic flavor and aroma properties.

In a similar way, another slogan indicated that “Lucky Strike means fine tobacco” or shortened as “L.S.M.F.T” was added to let the customers believe and be proud of Lucky Strike cigarettes. That is why they could be assured that the cigarettes they are smoking are a highly qualitative product released containing the best and the purest tobacco presented in the market.

Another slogan stated “Reach for a Lucky Strike instead of a sweet.” This message pointed out that Lucky Strike cigarette could replace everything. The rating of Lucky Strike cigarettes reached 300 percent just within the first years of the advertising campaign.

Logically, we can conclude that cheap Lucky Strike cigarettes are one of the prominent brands. This brand involved the process of the toasting technology of the tobacco.

Every loyal smoker of Lucky Strike cigarettes will experience no difficulty while differentiating the smell of these cigarettes from other few tobacco products smells. If you are eager to bring success into your life and make it quickly, just do not hesitate buying Lucky Strike cigarettes and this will be necessary and convenient option. Your luck is already here and these ideal cigarettes will contribute to the best smoking ever. The colors of Lucky Strike cigarettes were initially dark green but later there was introduced a white shade. Getting Lucky Strike cigarettes will help you discover the uniqueness of this brand.